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Sunday, July 21, 2024 at 1:28 PM

Bighorn Bulletin - Oasis Academy

Bighorn Bulletin -  Oasis Academy
Janell Ferrenberg Pike. All photos courtesy of Oasis Academy.

Alumni Update: Janell Ferrenberg-Pike

Oasis Academy 2019 alumnus Janell Ferrenberg-Pike is ready to start the next chapter of her career as a necropsy lab assistant for Charles River. “I am currently working as an animal caregiver at the Nevada Humane Society and will be soon starting a new position with Charles River,” Ferrenberg-Pike said.

Charles River Laboratories operates a safety assessment facility that operates in Reno and California. The company supports nonclinical drug development for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Ferrenberg-Pike will be working at their San Jose laboratory. “In the next five years, I hope to be working with Charles River and have adjusted to living in California,” she said. While at Oasis Academy, she graduated with her associate of science degree from Western Nevada College and then went on to receive her Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biology from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Her advice for future students is to be patient. “I would tell all young students to be patient with themselves. Don’t rush the process. Let life come to you and enjoy every moment,” she closed.

Save the Date

The 5th Annual Oasis Academy Golf Tournament is set for Saturday, October 19 at the Fallon Golf Course. The tournament will benefit Oasis's co-curricular activities, such as athletic teams, FFA, and Student Council. The sold-out tournament includes a raffle and prizes.To register a team, sponsor, or donate to the raffle, contact Angela Viera at [email protected].

Summer is Sweet As…

Students participating in summer school described the summer using analogies. The project is multifaceted in terms of the lessons the students learn. 

Analogies are powerful cognitive tools that help students grasp complex concepts by relating them to familiar ideas. Teaching analogies enhances critical thinking skills, as it encourages learners to identify patterns, make connections, and transfer knowledge across different domains. Creating and understanding analogies is also closely linked to creativity and problem-solving.

Students were given the beginning prompt, “Summer is as sweet as lemonade,” and then challenged to come up with three examples of their own. “Summer is as vibrant as fireworks,” Cora Worth said. “Summer is as hot as a desert,” Sierra Cavanaugh said. (Pictured right).

The class finished off the day with refreshing glasses of lemonade.