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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 8:10 PM

Logos Christian Academy Celebrates 8th Grade Graduates

Logos Christian Academy Celebrates 8th Grade Graduates
Logos Christian Academy 8th Grade graduates. Pictured left to right, Benjamin Hallquist, Elijah Mitchell, Amberlyn Casey, Maison LaValley, Jackson Storm, and Tyler Clark. Photo courtesy of Logos.

In a heartwarming ceremony filled with joy and reflection, Logos Christian Academy proudly graduated its 8th-grade class, celebrating each student's achievements and future aspirations. The event, held in the school's chapel, was a memorable occasion for students, families, and faculty members. 

Amberlyn Casey has been a cherished member of the Logos community for the past four years. She fondly remembers her time with Mrs. White, her favorite teacher, whose guidance and support left a lasting impact. Amberlyn is excited to begin her next chapter at Oasis Academy and is ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities. 

Tyler Clark also spent four years at Logos, where he developed a passion for football. Playing with his classmates honed his athletic skills and taught him the value of teamwork and perseverance. Tyler will move on to CCHS, hoping to continue his athletic pursuits and academic growth. 

Benjamin Hallquist, a long-standing student at Logos for nine years, has always had a keen interest in math. His dedication to the subject has been exemplary, and he looks forward to furthering his education at CCHS. Ben's journey at Logos has been marked by academic excellence and a deep appreciation for learning. 

Maison LaValley, who joined Logos two years ago, treasures the memories of this year's beach trip with his classmates. The event highlighted his time at the school, fostering camaraderie and creating unforgettable moments. Maison is eager to explore new horizons as he moves to his next academic institution. 

Elijah Mitchell has been with Logos for eight years, cherishing the friendships he has made along the way. His favorite aspect of his time at the academy has been the lifelong bonds formed with his peers. Elijah is set to join Amberlyn at Oasis Academy, where he looks forward to continuing his educational journey surrounded by friends. 

Jackson Storm has spent an impressive nine years at Logos. His favorite memory is the 8th-grade end-of-year trip to Knott's Berry Farm. This adventure encapsulated the spirit of fun and fellowship that defines the Logos experience. Jackson is prepared to take on new challenges as he transitions to CCHS. 

As these exceptional students prepare to embark on their next chapters, the Logos Christian Academy community stands united in celebrating their achievements and supporting their future endeavors. The 8th-grade graduation ceremony was not simply a farewell but a testament to the bright futures awaiting each of these remarkable individuals.