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Sunday, July 21, 2024 at 11:33 AM

Obituary - Phyllis Ann Dukeshier

Donations in her name may be made to any organization conducting research on autoimmune disease and treatment.
Obituary - Phyllis Ann Dukeshier

Phyllis Ann Dukeshier (January 14, 1953 - February 2, 2024) 

Phyllis Ann Dukeshier, 71, of Ione, WA, died in Sacramento, CA, at the home of her daughter on February 2, 2024. In her final months and weeks, her son Jacob was her constant companion and caregiver. 

She was born in Forks, WA, on January 14, 1953, to Glen and Mary Dukeshier. Growing up, she attended Selkirk Schools with her brothers Phil and Ron; her mother, Mary, was the high school secretary. She married John Dennis Webb, and they lived in Ione with their two children until their divorce.   

Those who knew Phyllis will remember her energy and determination. She always had a project she was working on, and was usually making plans for the next one. She set goals for herself right up until the end: new glasses, red hair, making it to her seventy-first birthday, all of which she accomplished. She could not rest and be still; she needed to be active; even in the last week of her life, she insisted on painting her bedroom walls. She had an aptitude for home improvement projects. 

She had an adventurous spirit and was never afraid to strike out for new experiences.  Over the years, the places she called home included Houston, TX; Kremmling and Walden, CO; Fernley, NV; Pittsburg, KS; Sequim, WA; Tacoma, WA; and Forbestown, CA, to name just a few.  She had an especially strong connection to the towns of Fallon and Fernley, NV, where she lived for over 20 years. Phyllis maintained a close relationship with her former partner of 22 years, Tom Miller, who still lives in Fallon.   

Phyllis was a devoted and loving mother.  Her two children, Jacob and Shela, were always on her mind and in her heart. She was proud of their accomplishments, and she encouraged and supported them in all their endeavors. She loved her cats as family, her beloved Blu, who she nursed through years of ill-health, and three abandoned half-feral kittens she rescued: Biffy, Buffy, and Bitsy.  For over ten years, her feline companions accompanied her on all her adventures. They were “Phyllis’s Pride” and were with her through multiple moves and even an RV road trip during her final year of life. 

Phyllis did not want a funeral or memorial. Her ashes, which will be mixed with the ashes of her cats, will be buried quietly in the family plot in Ione, WA. She asks that you remember her when you look at a butterfly or a dragonfly. They are her favorite creatures because “butterflies are free, and dragonflies are like miniature helicopters.” Donations in her name may be made to any organization conducting research on autoimmune disease and treatment. 

Phyllis will always be remembered for her strength and independence and for her unfailing loyalty to those she loved. Her memory will live on in the hearts of all those who had the good fortune to know her.  

Phyllis is survived by her brothers Phillip Dukeshier (Janne) and Ron Dukeshier (Virginia); her two children, Jacob Webb (Stephanie) and Shela Webb-Magee (Lena Rose); her grandchildren Krista, Austin, Thomas, Stella, and Max, and her great-grandchildren Atticus, Dawud, and Fatima. 


Shela 06/26/2024 11:21 AM
Love you mom! And miss you so much!!