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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 9:49 PM

ChurchillCSD Highlights

ChurchillCSD Highlights
E.C. Best - Third grade students learning the importance of good soil for plants from The Village owner Tami Lynn Edgmon-Bickel.

Author: Photo courtesy of ChurchillCSD.


Students in Kirsten Ritchie's biology class dissected rats as a part of their final science project for the year. Rat dissection has been a long-standing tradition in science education, as it provides students with a hands-on opportunity to learn about the anatomy and physiology of mammals. It also allows them to practice dissection techniques, develop scientific observation skills, and learn about ethical considerations related to animal use in science. "The purpose of this project was to provide my students with a comprehensive and engaging learning experience that integrates the rat dissection with student choice activities. By combining the rat dissection with student choice activities, my students took ownership of their learning and explored science concepts and skills that interest them the most," said Ritchie.


Liaison Catherine Collins-Coval's 6th grade Native American Advisory class made Indian Fry Bread this week. They measured, stirred, patted, fried, and ate their creations. The FPST Community Learning Center was immensely helpful and generous. They helped students learn more about Native American heritage and customs. In addition to fry bread, Collins-Coval made bison and frog legs for students to try. Although according to Collins-Coval, "they were not that brave with the frog legs." CCMS is excited to announce the continuation of Collins-Coval's Native American club next year. More information will be released as the 23-24 school year approaches.


History came alive at Numa's annual Numaseum event last Thursday. Each fifth-grade student was tasked with selecting an important figure or event from history and bringing it to life. After weeks of hard work and research, the students arrived for an evening of history and fun, dressed in their historical costumes, ready to share what they learned with the community and their families. "It is such a fun event where visitors can span history and the globe, visiting different countries, cultures, and timelines, all within the halls of Numa," said teacher Lisa Solonski.

E.C. Best

Monica Mayfield's, Alyssa Tousignant's, Stacey Stults', and Laura Malkovich's 3rd Grade classes had the privilege to visit The Village last week. The owner, Tami Lynn Edgmon-Bickel, was gracious enough to teach the students the importance of good soil for plants. "It was so neat for our students to experience this first hand and get their hands in the dirt and actually plant," said Mayfield. The classes also got to tour the gardens and learn about what plants need to thrive in our environment, and then Edgmon-Bickel donated soil and flowers to fill the student's flower pots. Then students got to take their flower pots home to their mothers for Mother's Day. "We sure are lucky to have businesses in Fallon that care about our little people and schools and we are excited to support The Village," said Mayfield.


Lahontan hosted its annual Kindergarten Registration and Informational Night last Wednesday. Families registered their students (if they were not already registered), toured the school, took part in one of two informational sessions, enjoyed a meal provided by Chartwells in the cafeteria, and met LES staff members and kindergarten teachers. "We started this event last year and it continues to be a huge hit. It is such a great opportunity for incoming kindergarten students and their families to come to explore Lahontan, get some more information on the school, and even experience the lunch line firsthand," said Principal Kimi Melendy.

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