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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 10:12 PM

Maliah's Minute

New Year’s Resolutions  
Maliah's Minute
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Author: Jo Petteruti

New Year resolutions started all the way back with the Babylonians about 4,000 years ago. They made promises to the gods hoping to earn good behavior in the upcoming year. In the 20th century, some people used resolutions as an excuse to have bad behavior before the end of the year and then start the new year planning to do better by setting a resolution. There are others who use the resolution as a way to be a better person, setting goals for themselves for the next year. Many people use this as a way to make a change in their lives and others. Only about 8% of people actually keep their resolution. While for many it helps to follow their goals if they vocalize their intent in the form of a new year’s resolution. 

Every year I try to have a new goal so I'm not repeating things I want to accomplish. This year my new year’s resolution is to start and grow a small jewelry business. This year has come with many exciting and life-changing experiences that have inspired me to start a small business so I can be an entrepreneur. I have already accomplished part of my goal by starting my small business and selling at a craft fair. Although I have only done one, it has changed my whole perspective on small business. I plan on expanding by selling online after I have more experience with selling at craft fairs.  

It will be a challenge, running a small business is hard enough but doing it while I'm in school will also be tough. If I can stay focused on both and learn to operate with them both it won't be too hard to handle. This year was awesome with all the experiences and travel all summer, but I’m really excited for what the new year will bring.