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Sunday, July 21, 2024 at 12:59 PM

Television Review -- Disenchantment

This week's theme: Things I've finally gotten to
Television Review -- Disenchantment

From the creators of The Simpsons, (Matt Groenig), and Futurama (Josh Weinstein), Netflix has an animated comedy called Disenchantment, now in its third season. While the third installment released relatively recently, I had not discovered this series this year.   
For those who grew up enjoying Homer Simpson or was a fan of Philip Fry, this series carries the same visual and cerebral humor as Groenig and Weinstein's previous works.  

Disenchantment follows Princess Bean and her two accidental friends, Elfo and Luci, as they travel on perilous adventures throughout the kingdom and drink for nights on end at the local pub.  

This show, much like its predecessors, has humor covered from every angle. From the small writing on signs that you pause the show to read, to the re-creation of famous movie scenes, this show has an incredible amount of talent and jokes packed into each episode.  

As a former Simpsons writer, Conan O’brien said, “the lines are sharp and I’m so impressed with the volume and quantity of the jokes.” The same perspective stands as much for Disenchantment as it did for The Simpsons.  

This series is a great piece to binge if that’s how you enjoy television, or to share with a friend.