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Pickleball has Roots in Fallon

Fallon Pickelball players at the City/County gym — they play Monday and Wednesday nights at 6:30, beginners are welcome.

by Rachel Dahl —

Pickleball is not actually new to Fallon – in the 80s Pat Dingacci lived in Arizona during the winter and brought Pickleball back, building the first court at her Fallon house. When Carol Amos read Pat’s obituary, it was the first time she had ever heard about pickleball and decided it might be fun to bring back.

It’s been seven years now, and the sport has grown across the country, let alone in Fallon. “We usually have between 12-15 players a night,” said Amos.

They play all year round, and anyone could join in the fun at any time. The group plays at the City/County Gym on Venturacci Lane, on Monday and Wednesday nights beginning at 6:30 p.m. They have plenty of equipment for beginners to get started and find what is comfortable, and there is no charge to play.

According to Amos, some of their players travel to play tournaments out of town. “you can play competitive, or just for recreation,” she said. “It’s really easy to learn to play, but it takes a lifetime to master.” She also says pickleball is gender neutral – not male dominated, and most people play doubles. “Pickleball is very social, you’re only 14 feet from your opponent.”

Best of all, pickleball is great for all ages. In Fallon players’ ages range from close to 80 to less than 20 years old. And, from Fallon, pickleball has gone international. Myles Getto befriended an Italian foreign exchange student who developed a love for the game and when he went back home, he took pickleball to Milan, starting a league there.

The Fallon pickleball players are quick to thank the City of Fallon for providing the facilities. “We really appreciate the City, they painted permanent lines at the gym to create three courts for us on the back side of the gym,” said Amos.

Anyone interested in trying pickleball should meet up with the group on Monday or Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. down at the gym.



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