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Support Our Work —

Instead of selling subscriptions and limiting your access to local news, we have chosen instead to accept contributions. Your help will  allow us to meet our goals of providing up-to-date local news to the community.  You can make a one-time donation or set up a re-occurring contribution by clicking below.

Now more than ever, being informed on the issues facing our community is critically important.  As a non-profit newsroom, we take donations from anyone who wants to support reliable, timely journalism.  There will be times when companies or the governments we report on will have previously paid for ad space or contributed to The Fallon Post.  We want you to know that will not affect our objectivity and our responsibility to provide accurate information.

You can support our work financially by mailing a check to 1951 W. Williams Ave., #385, Fallon, NV 89406, make a one-time credit card donation below, or become a Sustaining Member through an automatic monthly or automatic yearly donation that you can set up below as well.  You can also easily transfer money to  The Fallon Post through our Venmo account: @FallonPost.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to [email protected].

You can donate one time either through PayPal or with a credit or debit card.



We hope you will continue to support us and share with all your friends and family this important work.

The Fallon Post is a local project focused on delivering complete coverage of community news and happenings to the residents of Fallon and Churchill County.  We aim to support local business by driving customers to both your physical and digital locations.  The Fallon Post is unique in many ways:

  1. The newspaper is a non-profit endeavor
  2. We are staffed by local community residents and we contract with local businesses
  3. The paper has been setup and designed to bring the community together with a calendar, business directory, and local news
  4. We encourage local writers, both young and seasoned
  5. We welcome local support through donations, ads, and other income opportunities
  6. The paper is designed to be a local conduit for city and county, fire and police, economic development, Fallon Chamber, local non-profit organizations, the senior center, youth services, our military community and more
  7. The revenue generated from the paper stays in our community to support our residents and their endeavors
  8. Local people are truly interested in participating – pitching in to help with editing, contributing, designing, and all aspects of a true community project