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Farm Day at Northside

High Desert Grange students provided livestock for the Farm Day at Northside Early Learning Center

by Leanna Lehman —

What could be more fun than 180 pre-kindergarten students spending part of their Friday playing games and petting farm animals? Not much, if you ask them.

Thanks to Gloria Montero and Grange students that are currently raising and showing livestock, Northside students had an opportunity to interact with chickens, sheep, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and even a Great Pyrenees sheepdog puppy. Treasa Pursley, with the help NELC staff, coordinated the day’s event and activities.

Chasing balloons with fly swatters gave the boys and girls an opportunity to practice herding pigs in a pen. Mock sheep shearing, complete with loads of shaving cream, allowed kids a hands-on experience. According to students, the stick horse races were the best and went off without anyone getting disqualified.

NELC students share their thoughts with The Fallon Post about Friday’s Farm Day:

Students at Northside Early Learning Center were able to pet the livestock at Farm Day

Madison Moosman: “My favorite was the bunny, it was a black bunny with floppy ears.”

Aleah Rogers (4): “My favorite was the sheeps and my favorite game was the stick horse race.”

Vayel Williams: “I got to pet the sheep and feed the sheep. It was soft. We also got to feed them and give names to the ducks and sheep.”

Fiona McMonnies (5 ½ ): “I named them Little Horn and Big Horn.”

Jake Kaster (5): “My favorite was seeing the bunny. And playing the parachute game.”

Phoebe Weatherford (7 ½): “The goats were my favorite, and probably the sheep.”

Adalyn Weatherford (5 ½): “My favorite was the dog, he was a puppy.”

Mother Nature showed her support for the fun-filled event by giving students, teachers, and the animals a break in the weather. Of course, she left behind a few mud puddles just for jumping.



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