Heaven on Earth Horoscopes

  • 2023-05-19, 05:36 AM
  • Rebekah Dahl
Heaven on Earth Horoscopes

May 19 - 25

It’s your turn in the Sun Gemini — Happy Birthday!

Aries — release your grasp on control, this only holds you back. Allow yourself to tap into your optimistic, outgoing energy and follow its lead. If that energy wants to love, let it. If it wants to get over something, don’t stand in its way. Spring forward!

Taurus — let go of the status quo or whatever institution you may feel obliged to. This week asks you to put effort into what brings you joy. It is an opportune time to pursue your passion, do what makes you shine from the inside out, and be true to yourself.

Gemini — you can rekindle your hope by taking action this week towards a goal or dream you might have on hold. It’s your time in the Sun now. Whatever action you take now will advance you closer to a successful outcome. Action will also help you overcome mental loops and break free from repetitive patterns.

Cancer — there is an opportunity to close the door and leave behind an unfulfilling situation this week. There is also exciting energy to pour time, energy, and passion into your work, project, or relationship. Get clear on exactly what you want to avoid going back through that door you’ve closed. 

Leo — something from the past may resurface this week as an opportunity to re-engage with new information you lacked beforehand. You’ll have the clarity you’ll need to weigh what is right and wrong according to your path, and the knowledge to ask the right questions. 

Virgo — there may be a need to close a chapter on the past this week. Work on forgiving not only others but also yourself. Even the small things may be holding you back, keeping you from believing that change can be safe and productive. You’ll have the right mind to face the challenges of the week and clear out the stagnant air of the past. 

Libra — the need for autonomy may be blurring the lines with feeling disconnected. You’ll have the mental power to stay free and overcome settling for security over personal independence. Work on finding a balance between your commitments and your autonomy. Freedom is a gift your spirit gives to your mind. 

Scorpio — a breakdown or a breakthrough leads to the breakup of stuck emotions and static energy. Your fierce, inner energy is on the rise, emerging from a dormant, withdrawn state of being, and headed straight for the Sun. It’s time to shine, follow your dreams, and open yourself up to the good vibes pouring into your life now.

Sagittarius — step out of your comfort zone this week and focus on new possibilities, new opportunities, and dare to invest your efforts into making improvements to pave the way. You’ll have the mental acuity to make smart decisions, speak open and honestly, and learn to avoid errors from the past. 

Capricorn — you recognize dead-end conversations now, you have the power to avoid them and focus on what you can change instead. You can heal, you can believe in yourself, and you can find common ground with your person without needing to make a point.

Aquarius — you may be holding yourself back waiting for someone to show their devotion to you, or perhaps your own devotion is keeping you holding on but not very emotionally available. Toss out your grudges and burdens from the past and bring things to an end or focus on what you do not want to end. Don’t block your own happiness. 

Pisces — happiness is your power this week. Focus on devoting yourself to those you love, spend time with family, reconnect, and believe in your ability to create a secure future for yourself. Don’t let insecurities or a false sense of control seep into your power of choice in happiness.

Rebekah Dahl interprets heavenly influences to help bring wisdom, love, and empowerment into our earthly experience.

Rebekah Dahl



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