Heaven on Earth Horoscopes

  • 2023-02-03, 05:00 AM
  • Rebekah Dahl
Heaven on Earth Horoscopes
February 3 - 9

A very deep, reflective week ahead. A quiet energy that has the quality of wisdom descends upon us. A powerful time for solitude, inner contemplation, and reflection. What will you discover in your silent reverie this week?

Aries — how can you risk your emotional security? Do you dare to wish, to hope? With one foot firmly planted on your values and principles, you can feel safe to dip that hopeful toe in the water. Remember your Self as an autonomous being and you won’t lose yourself when you jump into the pool of emotions with another human being. 

Taurus — what happens if you take this opportunity? What will it change? There is a risk in losing out, there is a risk in getting in. When you dare to risk, you put things in motion, you move through a door in your life and that is the only way you get to see what possibilities lie on the other side of that door.

Gemini — there is a place that feels like life is an old sepia movie, sad and without color. You may have lost something in that place, but you can also gain a new perspective as you pack up your identity and self-worth and cross the bridge back to the land of color. You have seen enough of that movie, it’s over, go home to yourself.

Cancer — know thyself. Between your choices, between the possibilities, between the what-ifs, there is you. You and your peace, your intuition, and your knowing. This is a time of pause to reflect and contemplate and be with yourself free from all the outside noise. Allow yourself this time to go inward, to know thyself alone and in solitude.

Leo — listen to your intuition. What’s done is not just done, it was not in vain. No experiences are wasted if you accept the lesson in them. Over-analyzing is just a noisy roadblock in front of surrender. When you learn to surrender, accept, and embrace what is, the mental dialogue stops. Listen to the still small voice that comes from a deeper truth, a deeper knowing. Listen to your own wisdom.

Virgo — what are you afraid of? You’re out in front of it, and you may even be expecting it,  but is it really out to get you, or are your assumptions based on the past? If you don’t plan on giving up, perhaps it is time for a new approach. Perseverance works best if you don’t resist the very thing you are trying to preserve. Being on the defense is exhausting. Acting with courage and compassion will strengthen you.

Libra — there’s nothing to push back against and nothing pushing back against you when you quit spending your energy on what is exhausting you. Reaching the point of no return on your investment isn’t quite defeat, it’s more akin to a lateral move. You can now gather together your energy, time, and other resources and reinvest in yourself. 

Scorpio — you could be tempted to go against your own intuition this week, breaking your silence to move things along. It’s not wrong, but it may set you back to where you were in the first place. The ideal course of action would be to follow Cancer’s horoscope message and find your inner peace. But should you follow the urge to talk, revisiting the conversation could bring new insight into the situation.

Sagittarius — take your time to consider, contemplate, and allow your subconscious to speak to you. As you quiet your conscious mind you open up a pathway for deeper insights to bubble up and pop into your awareness. No need to think about making a decision right now. Patience will bring your horizon into focus soon.


Capricorn — a decision based on rational, principle, and practicality at the exclusion of the heart will simply give you a mental answer that most likely keeps you trying to recalculate the answer. Try to add the heart into the equation for an answer closer to the truth. It may seem dark and feel uncertain, but your light will soon dawn on you.


Aquarius — what you hold in silence may be doing you more harm than good. Silence as a tactic or solution only prolongs the inevitable. There is a power descending upon you this week that can help overcome this internal struggle. It can give you the courage to face what you need to say and liberate what has been suppressed for some time.


Pisces — an internal process needs to be played out before you make a decision this week. Seeking justice seems to be something you are currently having to fight for. But you are wiser now and seek to internalize this process before you make your next move. It is important to establish your own unshakeable, emotional support for yourself first before you proceed to go outside of your Self.


Rebekah Dahl



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