Heaven on Earth Horoscopes: January 27 - February 2

  • 2023-01-27, 06:08 AM (update 2023-01-27, 11:13 AM)
  • Rebekah Dahl
Heaven on Earth Horoscopes: January 27 - February 2

Love is being elevated this week as Venus moves into Pisces. We have the opportunity to grow in love, to mature in love, and to learn about the highest form of love: agape. 

Aries - be aware of spending too much energy gazing into the future as this will actually keep you stuck in the past. It’s time to move forward and put the past behind you. Use this strength this week to travel to a new state of mind where you can honor your own moral guidance and focus your efforts into improving your current situation. 

Taurus - there is a loving, creative energy present that gives you the strength to make positive choices which support your vision of a secure future. Now is a good time to commit to these choices. Basing your choices from your heart helps you to overcome any doubts you may have about whether or not you will get the support you want or need.

Gemini - overanalyzing the situation and the “need to know” can be draining to your energy this week. This creates a strong urge to want to “talk about it”. Luckily your strength is a sense of silent serenity that would rather just keep things to yourself. Take advantage of this by reflecting on both sides of the story for deeper understanding.

Cancer - if you’ve been on the fence and afraid to commit, this week brings the opportunity to make a decision and feel closer to the part of you that wants to build trust. To do that you’ll have to let go of all the negative possibilities and focus on the simplicity of happiness to allow the past to heal and your walls to come down.

Leo - strike while the iron is hot! There is energy to forge ahead this week. What you need to say or take action on will be hard to contain. There may be some hesitancy or wondering about possibilities, but your current strength is the need to be alone, feel your independence, and invest time in healing and recovering your personal power. And perhaps you need to express this to someone.

Virgo - a little fear of the unknown is the thing that may hold you back, but this week there is emotional energy ready to pursue your heart’s desire. Whether it is a person, passion, or project, you’ll have the energy to take action and devote yourself to your pursuit. Clarity allows you to release what you couldn’t let go of until now. You’re now ready to move into a responsible, supportive role to be there for your baby.

Libra - this week is about beginnings, a fresh start, or believing you can try again. There is some issue of fairness to be worked out and you may feel uncertain if your person and you can come to an agreement, but you are willing to try and sort it out. Feeling unfulfilled or put on the back burner could be holding you back. Belief is your power to begin.

Scorpio - what do you want? This is your strength this week: answering that question for yourself. The situation is about to change for the better. Letting go of expectations is another strength you have that will allow you to move on from heavy emotions and feelings of betrayal. You don’t appear to be ready to quit, so look up from the hurt, there is emotional support present.

Sagittarius - you may be blind to your own hope that could be keeping you wondering when the next shoe will drop. You’ll have to let go of expecting another crisis or bad thing to happen in order to move forward. Realizing you may be settling for less than you deserve is your strength. Focus on finding the courage to express and release pain without expecting it to create another problem. 

Capricorn - you may be operating on yesterday’s program, but this is your strength this week, being able to see how the past dictates your assumptions and beliefs. The situation calls for releasing old beliefs that hold a repetitive pattern of behaviors and reactions. Establishing a new view of the future and holding it to be true can help you get out of yesterday’s rut. 

Aquarius - it feels like Scrooge on Christmas morning: it’s an exciting change of heart full of hope and ready to move forward! Many realizations will dawn on you this week and will fuel you with the energy to take big steps towards appreciating what you have, putting more effort into taking care of it, giving to it, and loving it. Now you can move forward and let your heart lead the way.

Pisces - let the drawbridge come down, it’s over. The unpleasant situation that has persisted for some time now comes to a satisfying end. You may have a renewed perspective that things can and indeed will, alas, all work out in your favor. A sense of settled security and knowing what you want will have you believing in Happily Ever After again.


Rebekah Dahl



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