Heaven on Earth Horoscopes: January 13 – 19 Happy New Year!

  • 2023-01-13, 02:46 PM
  • Rebekah Dahl
Heaven on Earth Horoscopes: January 13 – 19  Happy New Year!

The week ahead we face a closer look into our relationships, of all types. It’s a good time for assessment, realization, and balancing. We can gather valuable insights on how we fit in, what our roles are, and is there healthy reciprocity in our relationships. We ask: do I feel I can honor myself and still belong in this group or relationship? Am I contributing or withholding?
Aries: freedom comes from facing your fear and working to release yourself from circular thinking. You may be stuck in a mental loop, becoming aware of this is the thing to focus on. Here you will find your strength to overcome the hesitancy that is holding you back. A little attitude adjustment and you’ll be ready to sit down at the table and work things out.

Taurus: the end point is reliability, the way to get there begins with your focus of the week: try again. You might be going through false starts that keep bringing you back to the beginning and having to try again. It can dampen your mojo for sure, but the next step will be communication, then seeing eye to eye, moving forward and alas you reach a sense of stability, reliability, and commitment. The obstacle is getting over whatever hurt you suffered.

Gemini: there is time to pull away and take care of yourself and your interests, but it crosses the line into withholding from another if you are waiting for justice. If you can release your need for justice, you’ll have the strength to tell the difference. You can move forward with communication even if you don’t completely understand how you feel about the situation. The remedy to withholding, is of course, to engage.

Cancer: rather than holding onto a grudge, you have the strength to face your fears and choose a different path. Instead of just walking away and leaving it unresolved, you’re able to find your inner strength to truly leave it all behind. Where you may have thought — what’s the point? — now you can stay on point and successfully navigate out of troubled waters, leaving the conflict behind. With this new triumph over fear, it’s smooth sailing ahead.

Leo: your strength this week is being able to leave behind something you know you can’t commit to. Someone may try to charm you back into the relationship or situation with expressions of emotion, or even bearing gifts, or offers to sweeten the deal. But it is a lop-sided deal no matter how much you may entertain it. It just isn’t fair. This is what you’ll have to let go of in order to move on. Your mind will take care of your heart.  

Virgo: focus on bringing an end to a situation by making the necessary sacrifice and you will find your strength to start something new. To move forward, to be free, to follow your passion all take the same thing: letting go of the old. Something has to give. Lack of faith or trust may be what is holding you back, but this week opens the way for new opportunities, new starts, and pursuing what truly makes you happy.

Libra: you may have a wall up for good reason, it looks like you’ve been through a rough patch. But don’t allow images of the worst-case scenario to boss you around. This week you will be able to knock down a wall or two and stay the course. Mantra for your week: I have what I need and am grateful. Expect a happy ending or a successful outcome — once those walls come down. 

Scorpio: it is through withdrawal, solitude, and facing the unknown that you find your strength to heal the hurt and move through whatever pain or suffering you have been dealing with. Through this process you recognize that you can’t change anyone, but perhaps you can learn to accept them for who they are. And as soon as you release the pain and struggle, naturally, this brings about a new surge of energy for you to get up and get going again. 

Sagittarius: fulfillment and happiness is in store for your week. This strength is fueled by influences that create a willingness to give, to be your best self, and make concessions to end any ongoing unresolved conflicts. There is a strong supportive energy present. But be aware of the shadow side and let go of needing to control the situation or be the boss of everything or everyone. Enjoy your moment in the sun.

Capricorn: Enjoy life — that’s the ticket this week. A little ego obstacle to be aware of, but once that is surrendered, you’ll have energy to invest into something you may have put out of sight, out of mind for a while. Good change is coming, stability in home life and/or marriage. If you’re ready to do what you love for a living, the strength to get it going is also present. The obstacle is the waiting game. But the desire to face your fear to bring about change is strong.

Aquarius: you may not see your shadow which could be a lack of trust. This is holding you back and keeping you disconnected in your relationship (friend, co-worker or spouse). Your strength is being able to quiet your mind and not think about it. But eventually you’ll have to come out of isolation if you want to get back on the same page with your person again.

Pisces: someone may want more than empty commitment from you. Your strength this week is realizing you may not have enough hope for this situation. And without hope you can easily lack the emotional expression normally shared. You also have the strength to move on from hurt now, face your fears and engage to work things out. Your blind spot is not believing things will change. This can easily be overcome by making a decision on how you truly feel.



Rebekah Dahl



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