Heaven on Earth Horoscopes: January 6 - 12 Happy New Year!

  • 2023-01-06, 05:15 AM
  • Rebekah Dahl
Heaven on Earth Horoscopes: January 6 - 12  Happy New Year!

Aries__ this week you have the ability to change plans, be flexible, and reconsider your options. The present influence that may be holding you back is — wondering if it is worth your effort. You may not feel very inspired to believe that things can get any better or improve so why bother. But your desire to work towards a secure future will help motivate you to move past your blocks and reevaluate. 

Taurus__ I just don’t want to feel bad about this anymore — this is your strength this week. There is an action you want to move forward with and don’t want to feel remorse or sorrow about it any longer. The obstacle that may hold you back: trying to get out of it — not taking that action. The remedy comes through the influence of fairness and reestablishing a give and take between those concerned. 

Gemini__ getting off the emotionally stuck plateau gives you a new perspective to look around at all the good in your life and feel the spirit of sharing that goodness with others. Don’t hold onto your love and wonder. Instead move forward and allow yourself to give, share, or offer a helping hand as your energy this week will experience a fulfillment that ought to be shared.

Cancer__ there is a difference between transitioning and endings. This week you are figuring out that you can still go through your own personal transition without having to end or quit a person or situation. It’s finding the balance between these two seemingly opposing concepts and learning how to integrate them and find harmony within yourself. Release insecurities about the future outcome so you can focus on what is in front of you this week.

Leo__ your strength this week is your ability to finally face this situation and work to figure it out. You may have been withdrawn and not ready to engage. Now the energy to fight for yourself is present. The ideal of love and hope may hold you back from doing what you know you must. You can be true to yourself, still be loving and caring, at the same time fight for yourself and do what is best for your health and happiness.

Virgo__ your challenge this week is to not be challenging. Your strength is that you have overcome your own challenges. A big sense of new direction brings a surge of energy and purpose. Be aware of standing up for yourself with this new confidence that you don’t act in defiance — hence the challenge to not become challenging. It’s as if you piled up all your problems into one hill and climbed and conquered. Bravo!

Libra__ what’s holding your back may be indecision, but that won’t stop you this week. There is a new lust for life energy that will lead you through multiple steps that finally arrive at inner strength. You may be exploring possibilities, realizing you’ve been settling and can do so much more. Whatever you are processing, be it relationship, career, family or friends you have a renewed source of vital energy that is ready to begin or try again. 

Scorpio__ the focus this week is balancing opposition within yourself. I can release unhealthy attachments and still feel love for someone. I can have a conversation and still protect my energy. I can move forward and take it slow. I can work on this relationship and also enjoy much needed solitude. Your strength is being able to set yourself free from anger, unhealthy attachments, or resentments. This allows you to work on balancing the oppositions.

Sagittarius__ it’s ok to feel your feelings. And this week you’ll have the strength to do just that. Your low of the week may be staying down with those feelings for too long and being afraid to face the next step. Which is moving forward and doing what you know is right. Your desire to be happy will win out and you will be able to let go and return to balance.

Capricorn__ impatience or unwillingness to make a sacrifice may be holding you back from the very thing you want to overcome. Now the picture becomes clear as to why you have not been able to bring this to an end. You’re working to overcome something, making sure you have a sense of control and understanding over the issue so you can move forward with confidence and surety.                         

Aquarius__ your concern over an issue is the focus this week. On the one hand it is good to be aware of your own actions and how they might not be reflecting how you really feel. On the other hand, you’ll have to work on not putting too much pressure on yourself to perform or change on behalf of another person. Let go of trying to control the situation, and trust that it will unfold in perfect timing allowing you to learn what you need to about yourself.

Pisces__ you’re learning when you need to talk about it versus when it is not a good idea to talk about it. If the connection isn’t there between you and this person, you are learning to move on and not worry yourself about what is absent. You still may have the urge to talk about it, but you are becoming aware of your own grudges you carry and how they may be the ones with the need to be heard. Once you dump them you will find your inner strength and peace.


Rebekah Dahl



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