Heaven on Earth Horoscopes: December 30 - January 5

  • 2022-12-30, 09:56 AM
  • Rebekah Dahl
Heaven on Earth Horoscopes: December 30 - January 5
Happy New Year! 


Aries__ your strength this week is releasing the need for justice. When you finally accept the situation for what it is and surrender the fight to make things fair or equal, then you will find your peace. There may be a lack of connection or intimacy, and this is the driving force behind the need for justice. Let go of this controlling influence and go with the flow this week. This is how you will feel your power and self-worth rise again.

Taurus__ focus on regeneration and healing this week. The recent conflicts and struggles you may have been enduring are losing their power over you now. Take the opportunity to dispel any insecurities that are holding you back. Connecting with a friend or family member will help you feel supported and remind you of your own supportive powers that you also have to share.

Gemini__ the power of communicating is your strength this week. With mind ruling over emotion, you’ll be able to be clear, direct, and cut to the chase. You may have to banish intrusive negative thoughts that pull you down into thinking “what’s the point?” Take it slow, be reasonable, fair, and check your pride. Not everyone is as quick thinking as you.

Cancer__ having already felt hurt by this situation, it just doesn’t have the same influence over you anymore, phew! This week you are moving past hurt feelings with a fresh vigor for getting on to the fun parts of life. You’re learning to move on more quickly and let things go. This week let go of the notion that you are settling for less and instead search for the hidden gem in the situation. 

Leo__ feeling bad or regretful can be a great motivator and reminder of what exactly you do want. This awareness is your guiding light this week. Holding on to uncertainty about a situation, wondering if you will ever see positive change - these keep you emotionally stagnant. Let this awareness move you forward into the next step: apologize, make a necessary tough decision, or allow your heart to heal. 

Virgo__ once you let go of needing recognition or feeling your character or reputation should speak for itself, you can focus on the present situation and release those notions of ego. Move into your strength this week of being able to surrender to your higher consciousness of peacemaker and open up to listening with your head and your heart. Your hope is restored.

Libra__ although you may have a right to be angry, be cautious with your strength this week. The object is to figure out how you feel about the situation and what to do about it. The person or situation behind the anger isn’t going to change any time soon, let this go. You’ve done what you can for now in this relationship or situation. Take time for yourself to reflect on what’s next.

Scorpio__ when you realize you’re dealing with the other person’s insecurities, it shifts the focus and understanding of the situation. It’s not so much about them anymore, but rather how much you are willing to endure. Do you have the patience and fortitude to stick it out? Will it be different this time or more of the same? Is this heaven or hell? You get to decide what you make of it. It sounds tough, but you are way more powerful than you give yourself credit for.

Sagittarius__ feeling like you must stay committed and keep on keeping on can create a huge block to your innate need to learn, grow, experience, and feel challenged in life. Awareness of this conundrum will have you pondering your future dreams and goals. A change can do you good. You don’t have to break any commitments for now, but you can begin to make plans.

Capricorn__ when you evolve from giving with strings attached, to giving freely, you have experienced spiritual success. Your strength this week is giving. Without needing to make a point or teach a lesson in virtue, you are able to keep some thoughts to yourself and just be generous because it is in you to do so. Release any need to preach. The best lesson you can teach is through example.

Aquarius__ let go of thinking you have to play by the rules this week. Instead, go have some fun. Your power is your enthusiasm. It may seem selfish, but it’s good to invest in yourself. Take a road trip, explore, or go out with friends. Whatever institution you may have to answer to can wait a day or two, or three. Go enjoy life, do what charges your battery and makes you smile.

Pisces__ self-awareness, that’s your strength. It may seem dull, sometimes it feels as if we just have lessons to learn and no real power for the week. Don’t despair Pisces, self-awareness insights are the most powerful catalysts for change, freedom, happiness, and inner peace. So, break the silent treatment and let go of the idea that you need to start again and will just end up in the same place. You’re fully aware of what you are not allowing yourself to get over.


Rebekah Dahl



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