Notes from Justice Court

  • 2022-12-04, 09:16 AM
  • Teresa Moon
Notes from Justice Court

The New River Justice Court convened Thursday, November 17, Judge Ben Trotter presiding.
Jessica Laca pled guilty to a Misdemeanor Charge of Disturbing the Peace. Misdemeanors are punishable by up to 6 months in Churchill County Jail and/or a fine up to $1,000. She received a fine of $305.
Robert Hill pled not guilty to a Misdemeanor Charge of Harassment. ADA Priscilla Baker said the state has been in contact with the victim in the case and the parties have entered an agreement of no contact between them for 6 months. If Hill complies, the state will dismiss the charge. The judge so ordered and a Status Hearing was set for May 18, 2023.
Devin Edwards pleaded guilty to a Misdemeanor Charge of Obtaining Money, Property, or Rent by False Pretense under $1,200. Sentencing was set for December 8, 2022.
Keith Green pled guilty to a Misdemeanor Charge of Resisting a Public Officer. Public Defender Jacob Sommer told the court the case has been negotiated to a resolution. The defendant will plead to the misdemeanor and the DUI 3rd will be waived up to District Court for sentencing. ADA Lane Mills told the court the defendant fled into a residence and out the back door, putting others and himself in danger. Mills asked that the court “send a message” that you need to obey officers when they tell you to stop. He asked for a suspended jail sentence or a “hefty fine.” Sommer said Green has learned an important lesson and he will be under close supervision with the mandatory sentence for the DUI charge. Green apologized and stated, “I wasn’t thinking clearly.” The judge sentenced Green to 30 days in the Churchill County Jail, suspended for 2 years with the condition the defendant has no further resisting or lack of cooperation with law enforcement, ending with, “You cooperate for the next 2 years or you’re going to serve the 30.”
Rene Williams failed to appear for his Status Hearing. A Bench Warrant was issued for Failure to Appear.
Marcos Topete, in custody, appeared for sentencing on a technical violation regarding a Protective Order. The state asked for 30 days to run concurrent with the case Topete is currently serving time for. Public Defender Wright Noel agreed with the state’s request. The judge so sentenced.
Tychelle Elizabeth Carroll appeared via Zoom for a Status Hearing. Carroll is charged with the Category B Felony of Unlawful Obtaining and Using of Personal Identification Information of an older person or vulnerable person to harm the person or for unlawful purposes. She is currently living in Texas and there is an active warrant for her in this case. Public Defender Noel asked the warrant for Carroll be quashed as she is living in Texas with a stable lifestyle, and she has shown she will appear via Zoom for hearings. ADA Jeff Weed asked the warrant be left active until Carroll shows up here in person as “this is a serious case” and “we need her here to get this done.” The judge inquired of Carroll if she understands if there is a trial that she has to be here in person. Carroll replied that she does understand, “but I have no way to get back to Nevada and I would have nowhere to go if I came back to Nevada.” The judge ordered the warrant remain active as Carroll is not able to come back on her own. A Status Hearing was set for December 1, 2022.
Lance Harrison pled no contest to a Misdemeanor DUI charge.  He received the minimum mandatory sentence for the charge with all the conditions, fines, and fees applied.
Edward Booker did not appear for his Status Hearing. A Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear was issued.
Sonnie Anzaldua, in custody, appeared for arraignment on the Category B Felony of Battery by a Prisoner While in Lawful Custody. Anzaldua was found to be public defender eligible, and one will be appointed for him. A Status Hearing was set for December 1, 2022. Because of his prior conduct, reliability in showing up for cases, and staying in contact with his attorney the judge released Anzaldua on his own recognizance with conditions that he will check in daily with Court Services and maintain weekly contact with his appointed attorney.
Lavonna Smith-Poole, in custody, appeared for a Status Hearing on the Category E Felony of Possession of a Controlled Substance. Public Defender Sommer told the court this case had been negotiated to resolution in that Smith-Poole has executed a waiver of preliminary hearing. The defendant will be pleading guilty to Possession of a Controlled Substance, in exchange the state will have no objection to Diversion at the District Court. Sommer asked to address custody. He explained the defendant will stay with friends in Silver Springs until the case is resolved and requested OR with Court Services supervision. ADA Mills had no objection. The judge granted the OR with daily check-ins and random drug testing with Court Services, and other conditions attached. Sommer stated Arraignment with District Court is set for December 20, 2022. 
Edtor DeLuna, in custody, admitted to Failure to Comply in that he failed to complete the Victim Impact Panel. He was given 30 days to complete the requirement and submit proof to the court and monthly proof of progress on substance abuse counseling. The judge sentenced DeLuna to 25 days in the Churchill County Jail, suspended for two years with credit for days served with the condition the defendant “get every aspect of this case done and the case is closed.” DeLuna was released.
Karina Parke appeared for a Status Hearing regarding completion of a child restraint class and proof of registration and insurance. ADA Chelsea Sanford spoke for the state saying they are not opposed to setting a Status Hearing for January 26, 2023. “This is going to be the last chance for her” to provide proof of the class, registration, and insurance. The judge set the Hearing telling Parke he “fully anticipate(s) that you would have everything already proven to the court at that time.”
Christian Cox was not present for sentencing. Public Defender Wright Noel told the court that Cox called him this morning and informed him “he lives in Yerington and had a court hearing this morning at 8:30 in Yerington and he wasn’t going to be able to make it to today’s hearing.”  Cox also told Noel, he has his substance abuse evaluation scheduled for December 1. ADA Lane Mills reminded the court Cox had known about this date since October 20 and asked for a warrant to be issued. Brenda Ingram with Court Services told the court she heard from the pretrial services officer in Yerington and Cox did have court there this morning. The judge set a Status Hearing for December 8 in order for Cox to be able to get his evaluation completed.
Daren Graham, in custody, asked for a Public Defender. One will be appointed to him. ADA Priscilla Baker told the court the parties have reached an agreement in this case. The defendant will be entering a guilty plea to the misdemeanor charge of Unlawful Use or Being Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance, and No Insurance. The state is asking for a substance abuse evaluation regarding the Use charge and that the defendant follows the recommendations. Regarding the no insurance charge, the state is asking for standard fines and fees. The state will then dismiss the rest of the charges. Public Defender Jacob Sommer told the court the defendant states he has insurance. The judge ordered Graham to obtain a substance abuse evaluation within 90 days of his release from custody and follow the recommendations. Trotter gave Graham 14 days after his release to get proof of insurance to the DA’s office. Baker agreed if the proof is provided the charge will be dropped.
Kevin Norton, in custody, admitted to a Contempt of Court Failure to Comply violation in that he has not completed DUI school and the Victim Impact Panel. The judge sentenced Norton to 25 days in Churchill County Jail, suspended for 2 years, and gave him 30 days to complete the items. Norton was released.
Paul Rice appeared to address custody. Rice has been accepted to Idaho House in Silver Springs where he will receive counseling and be able to attend AA and/or NA meetings nightly. They will also transport him to and from work at USA Parkway. Rice thanked the judge for giving him another chance saying, “I didn’t think you would…thank you.” The judge ordered Rice released to Idaho House with conditions attached. The judge explained to Rice that if he leaves or gets kicked out of Idaho House, he is to return to custody. The preliminary hearing was set for January 13, 2023.
Anthony Alandy, in custody, appeared for a preliminary hearing. ADA Baker told the court an agreement has been reached in that the “defendant will be entering and waiving up to District Court” on 3 charges. Baker explained the defendant will enter his plea but will attend Salvation Army prior to sentencing. If he successfully completes the Salvation Army program, the state will stand silent; if he does not, the state will retain the right to argue. Baker stated the state will submit to OR release. Public Defender Charles Woodman agreed with the state. He then addressed OR release. Woodman told the court Alandy’s mother in Reno is very ill and he would like to spend some time with her prior to going to Salvation Army. Woodman said the defendant will live in Fallon with his sister. The judge released Alandy on his own recognizance.
Joshua Feddern-Wiles, in custody, appeared for arraignment on the charge of Embezzlement Less than $1,200, a Misdemeanor. ADA Sanford told the court the state and the defense have reached a resolution for this matter. She said the defendant will plea to the misdemeanor offense, and as there are victim notification requirements, asked that sentencing be set for December 8. Public Defender Woodman agreed with Sanford. The judge accepted the terms of the agreement.
Amanda Belding appeared via Zoom for a status hearing. ADA Baker stated the parties have reached an agreement. The state will be amending the charge to a fictitious charge of abandonment of a disabled animal. The defendant will enter a no-contest plea. The parties have agreed to a stipulated sentence of 96 hours community service and a fine of $200 plus costs. The state will then dismiss all other charges. Public Defender Woodman agreed with Baker’s statement. Trotter accepted Belding’s no-contest plea and sentenced her to a total of $305 in fines and fees. He sentenced her to 96 hours of Community Service at a non-profit animal-related business to be completed within 12 months.



Teresa Moon



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