Heaven on Earth Horoscopes: Dec 2 through 8

  • 2022-12-02, 06:23 AM
  • Rebekah Dahl
Heaven on Earth Horoscopes: Dec 2 through 8

Influence is a powerful force we deal with every day: from the stars, from our relationships, from what we see and hear. Remember that you have power over outside influences. The power of choice. Outside influences have no authority over your choice. So let us look at your blind spots, influences, strengths, what to focus on, and what to let go of this week. 
Aries: Focus on inner reflection and contemplation this week will help you process through limiting beliefs or loss of faith in a situation. Letting go of the need to control allows you to bring honor and the right choice into your relationships. Your blind spot is not being aware of differing opinions or not wanting to sacrifice yourself to hear the other side. Take some quiet time and you will be able to work through your anxiety or worry. With pride set aside, clarity and communication will be successful.

Taurus: Cooperation influences your week with the desire for reconciliation or forgiveness. Your blind spot is complacency, which can cause feelings of uncertainty, and have you wondering if you should walk away or leave a situation. Focus on dealing with any insecurities or commitment issues. This will evoke courage to move on from emotional doldrums. You have humility as a strength to see you through.

Gemini: Knowledge and clarity need to be expressed emotionally, through an apology or as an expression of love. Let go of feeling emotionally unsupported, this holds you back. You possess the information of what needs to be done to better the situation. You’ll be able to see and understand the importance of reciprocity. Your blind spot may be a little manipulation on your part. Your strength is the willingness to see and understand the other person’s side. Focus on choosing the right thing and you’ll be pleasantly surprised, at the least - quite satisfied.

Cancer: You’ll be feeling your energy and passion surge this week as you have escaped your own mental prison, but there are still lingering feelings of hesitation and “something missing.” Let go of the old story you have built up for the purpose of protection and focus instead on building up your own security and autonomy. Your blind spot is “not wanting to deal with it,” (which only delays happiness and fulfillment) perhaps because you know in the end it will all work out - which is your strength.

Leo: Things are working out and progress is being made this week. Although you may be blind to the fact that you are learning as you go, and your faith is increasing as a result. Overcome your fear of trust by focusing on bringing an end to unfinished business. This will help you loosen your grip and be able to share your inner resources. Happiness is here and you have the strength to move on from “playing it safe.” 

Virgo: Doubt is holding you back from commitment. Let go of your uncertainties and feelings of not good enough in order to allow yourself to trust in love again. Focus on understanding why you feel mentally stuck using the strength you’re being given this week: awareness of your disconnect. You may be blind to your own hope and belief. Tap into this strength to break out of your mental prison and stop holding yourself back from what you really want. Don’t deny yourself your own hope.

Libra: The need to control is the influence that may have you trying to get what you want. Let go of confrontation/defending yourself and focus on moving forward. Your spirit knows what needs to end and what to leave behind, follow this guidance. This will help you find the solitude needed to learn more about yourself.  Your strength is your independence this week. Your blind spot, what you may not be aware of, is that you have already made your choice. 

Scorpio: Your blind spot is misuse of your power. Let go of digging in the dark to support your fears and suspicions. Instead focus on the good, the light, and happiness. Seeing how both sides have suffered hurt is your strength and influence this week. Use that strength with your ability to put down the burden you’ve been carrying. It’s too heavy to carry around “what ifs.” Everything is fine, let the light sanitize and purify your mind and enjoy the mental freedom.

Sagittarius: The influence is ongoing - you’re stuck, not moving forward with your true heart’s desire because you have responsibilities. Yet your strength this week won’t let you ignore your intuition any longer: you need to have fun, enjoy life! Your spirit may be a little low due to frustration with this situation. Focus on the question of what you want to be emotionally devoted to. This will help you recognize your blind spot - you are not obligated to stay in an unsatisfying situation. It’s not unfair to pursue your passions, talents, or dreams.

Capricorn: Let go of needing to know the outcome and everything falls into place this week. You have the power to make good things happen because you won’t allow any negative situation to take hold. Your blind spot is just old hopelessness that has lost its power - release this. You are already feeling commitment, fulfillment, and trust so let go of thinking a situation is hopeless. Focus on stability and consistency and you will have a peaceful, harmonious week.

Aquarius: Release the fear of getting backed into a corner, this is keeping you from moving forward and making it hard for you to go along and get along. If you feel like expressing love or beginning a creative project don’t let fear stop you. Fear is your blind spot, and it can easily block your creative abilities or your ability to express love. Luckily your strength this week is feeling like giving of yourself. Focusing on enjoying ease and stability at home or in your marriage will renew your own Self-love.

Pisces: Your strength this week is helping you to see what you need to overcome and how to emotionally move on. Your blind spot has you held in silence refusing to budge. Let go of thinking this situation doesn’t have you concerned or worried. You may find it a challenge to believe that the situation can change or improve. Focus on ways you can commit and be reliable for your person (friend, spouse, lover) as this will help you to break the silent treatment and be able to get your point across without anger. Acknowledge that you care and dare to show up.


Rebekah Dahl



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