Heaven on Earth Horoscopes

  • 2022-11-18, 05:52 AM (update 2022-11-23, 02:31 PM)
  • Rebekah Dahl
Heaven on Earth Horoscopes
November 18 - 24

This week we look at the good and bad, the positive and negative, the strengths and weakness. The Good: What we can focus on, be thankful for, and take advantage of. These are our strengths and help we are receiving this week. The Bad: what we need to be aware of that can disrupt the good. What negative energies, challenges, or obstacles are influencing us?


Aries: the good may appear as bad, but it will help you see what you don’t want and steer you back to your true path. You will have the strength to support yourself through it. The bad: scattered energy, insecurity, and it may be hard to leave a situation that is doing you more harm than good.


Gemini: the good: you’re going to feel so light this week. You’ll be able to let go of routine burdens, grudges, and the pressures of life. The bad: don’t let impatience and temporary restriction ruin your downtime, focus on the good. Listening to the voice of authority for your own sake might be hard for you this week.


Taurus: good time to invest in yourself, complete projects, take care of your personal goals, and enjoy activities that are satisfying to yourself. The bad: be careful not to ignore a person or situation by thinking everything will work out, while you’re busy catering to yourself. The situation still needs your input and effort in order to make progress.


Cancer: the good: a very serene, inward week for you that lends itself to deep personal insight, meditation, contemplation and transcendent feelings about your current situation. The bad: you may be so absorbed in this solitude that you find talking hard to do. Try to share your inner peace with those around you by just spending time with those you love.


Leo: the good: you’re listening to your intuition and honoring your gut feelings. You will be able to move on from a no-win situation. The bad: it may be hard to serve yourself justice. It may feel like defeat. Facing your fear of leaving something or someone behind could be a challenge for you.


Virgo: good thing: no more waiting around anymore. Rationalizing and wondering what to do come to a close. Perfect timing to put it behind you and enjoy life this week. You will be able to create your own satisfaction and fulfillment. The bad: you may be pulled towards those old feelings you’re trying to walk away from: feeling unrequited love, or unfulfilled in relationship/home life. Letting go of withholding may be challenging.


Libra: the good: I don’t need to make a point, I don’t need to work this out, I can cleverly navigate my way through this and move forward. The bad: holding a grudge, needing to defend your position, and being egocentric could get in between you and reconciliation.


Scorpio: the good: a sense of freedom, overcoming and moving past old behavioral patterns. Enjoy the richness of life this week. The bad: what you are working on overcoming will present itself again this week, the influence is still there. As long as you don’t give it meaning or entertain it, you’ll have a victorious week.


Sagittarius: good thing you know how to make your own happiness this week. You don’t need attention, no need to make a point, or correct anyone. Just bask in your own sunshine. The bad: you might encounter an unfair situation influencing you to seek justice and expecting someone to change on your behalf for the sake of your own security.


Capricorn: there is good energy here for healing hurt feelings, for clear thinking, and for liberating yourself from a stuck situation. The bad: thinking you need to put in more effort, try again, and it leads you right back into the situation you just freed yourself from.


Aquarius: the good: letting go of wasted effort, changing direction, and leaping forward into your own destiny. The bad: if may be hard to answer your higher calling if you allow your energy to be pulled back into defending yourself or fighting for winning points.


Pisces: the good: stepping into your own power and independence by letting go of hard feelings and a situation you may need to heal from. The bad: return to the scene, trying to reconcile, and end up settling for a situation that lacks true connection or understanding.

Rebekah Dahl interprets heavenly influences to help bring wisdom, love, and empowerment into our earthly experience.


Rebekah Dahl



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