Horoscope Hideout

  • 2022-09-16, 05:00 AM
  • Mandie Koeckes
Horoscope Hideout
September 16 to 22

Hello, fellow Fallon astrologists. I hope you’re surfing the emotional waves well and trusting the process, and all that other stuff we say to each other during Mercury retrograde. Thursday 9/22 is also Autumn Equinox and also when the Sun moves out of Virgo and into Libra.

            Aries: Lists are your friend, and you’re on a good routine at the moment. If you’re struggling to find one perhaps you find a boost this week as well.

            Taurus: Some surprise support may be around the corner for ideas revisited, but now would be the time to personally refine instead of publicly discuss.

            Gemini: A slower week makes room for more harmonious endeavors in your personal life. Use all these retrogrades to your benefit and observe how you feel when left to your own devices.

            Cancer: Try to see the bigger picture if you feel especially wounded this period. Don’t spend too much time hurting your own feelings. Misunderstandings happen, don’t dwell.

            Leo: Momentum can be uncomfortable, and so is taking responsibility. Letting go is always a good option if holding on is hurting you, so make room for the new, whether it’s personal growth or people.

            Virgo: Feeling impatient? That may only feel exacerbated by the current constellations. Remember to lean in on your close relationships if you feel like you’re struggling with the unknown.

            Libra: You’re busy with intelligent observation this week, and recent perspective shifts have you looking with a different lens. Reflection on your own adversity can give you a needed confidence boost.

            Scorpio: Did you do that thing and over commit yourself when you were feeling more social again? If you did, then this week might suck a little. If you didn’t, then try to remember you can’t do it all.

            Sagittarius: You won’t be able to break free from your past if you keep holding on to it like a security blanket. Just because it’s familiar doesn’t mean it’s good or healthy for you.

            Capricorn: The battle between the practical side and the spontaneous side may be raging in your brain this week. Perhaps a detox from distraction is in order.

            Aquarius: Hang in there. Your own personal transformation is taking place, just make sure you aren’t melding into more of the same. Try a new scene on for size.

            Pisces: I get it, reality kind of sucks sometimes, but again, there are healthier ways to distract you from the emotional hurt you bring yourself. Be okay with not knowing everything, and then practice not letting it bother you.


Mandie Koeckes



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