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  • 2022-09-09, 05:00 AM
  • Mandie Koeckes
Horoscope Hideout
September 9 - 15

Hello, Horoscope Hideout Homies! Mercury is retrograde September 9 at 8:38 p.m. in Libra, which will continue through October 2. That’s now 6 planets retrograde for those of you keeping up. Full moon in Pisces right after that on September 10.

Aries: Your home life along with its encircling relationships may come into focus this week. A good time for redecorating, deep cleaning, or social calls in your own home.

Taurus: Fun and attention seeking is at play. Fulfillment comes easy with social obligations or opportunities. Give a little to get a little.

Gemini: If you have the time, and the emotional energy to do so, now might be a good chance to revisit and review your personal relationships, and how you truly feel about the people in your life. Warmth and compassion first.


Cancer: Let’s get weird. Express yourself in new ways, but with the people that make you feel safe enough to do so. Let your creativity flow under your own influence, not of others.


Leo: Opportunity knocks, Leo, you just have to open the door. While only you know what’s best for you in the end, it’s never a bad idea to consult your trusted inner circle for insight.


Virgo: Hiding your head in the sand probably isn’t the best solution right now. Face it, it may not be as bad as you think. If you do feel bad, apologies with changed behaviors are helpful.


Libra: Introspection continues this week for you, dear Libra, hence open social calendar. Fear not, a little privacy is necessary for you to determine your next moves.


Scorpio: Now is the time to be genuine with your intentions, and positive with your attitude. Lots of choices to propel or dig in heels, so pick accordingly.


Sagittarius: Insert foot in mouth. Bummer, but don’t let it get you down. Disappointment can be a necessary motivator for improving our immediate circumstances.


Capricorn: Conflict or arguments are easy to find at home right now, and it doesn’t mean you should always take the bait. Communication will be muddied due to Mercury’s retrograde so find other ways to blow off steam.


Aquarius: Tread lightly with your financial or professional decisions this week, as you may not have the whole picture readily available just yet. Give legal matters a second look.


Pisces: Don’t wallow in your emotional letdowns this week, for there will be many. Throw yourself into the work wheel of productivity for a healthier way to dissociate.



Mandie Koeckes



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