Horoscope Hideout

  • 2022-09-02, 12:18 PM
  • Mandie Koeckes
Horoscope Hideout
September 2 through 15

Horoscope Hideout

Labor Day weekend is upon us, fellow Fallonites (Fallonians? Fallavadans?) and it’s a pleasant week, we need it because Mercury goes retrograde September 10th, astrologically speaking. Room to breathe for everybody.

            Aries: Time that has been denied for self-care may be more abundant this week, and seizing it would be wise, not selfish. Be honest about your needs.

            Taurus: August had you feeling more sociable than September will find you, Taurus. This week may offer melancholic emotions best kept to yourself. Inner work necessary.

            Gemini: Competitive edge and your adaptability may serve you well in your peer circles, whether professional or personal this week. Plan ahead, be prepared.

            Cancer: Take a moment to let your breath catch up with the emotional race you’ve been running. Pause and reflect, and remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.

            Leo: It can’t always be sunshine and roses, as adversity is where we discover who we truly are. Approach challenges with a “bigger picture” lens this period.

            Virgo: We can try to maintain control of every detail, however, that’s usually when things will begin to unravel. Be flexible with your expectations, and there’s likely less room for substantial inconvenience.

            Libra: As we approach your coming season, things may feel a little more at ease in your friend or familial circles. That’s not an invitation to stir the pot or to pick sides at the first inclination of drama.

            Scorpio: Conflicted energies may potentially cloud your thoughts and decision-making skills this week. Try to incorporate a balance between the ties that bind and the things that make you feel like you.

            Sagittarius: Your feelings aren’t the only ones involved in the situation. Stay above the gossip and unpleasantries of small-town living. There are better moments for petty around the corner.

            Capricorn: A good week to let your loyalty and practicality shine through in the workplace. Your ideas are more likely to be met with receptive ears, as long as you keep your cool and stay diplomatic.

            Aquarius: Outer opinions and inner thoughts may be dueling, but you’re keeping it copacetic. Drop your guard with your loved ones this week for some needed support.

            Pisces: Both of your ruling planets are retrograde, making you more likely to question your normal responses. Enjoy the introspection and seek peace this week.





Mandie Koeckes



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