YOUTH Positive Returns - More Needed than Ever

  • 2022-08-15, 10:08 AM
  • Sylvia Nash
YOUTH Positive Returns - More Needed than Ever

Over the last couple of years, many things have changed that affect our children, especially academically, and that has drastically changed their view of their world. Some things have remained steady, and one of those is the core of a program developed by Fallon native, Molly Dahl. YOUTH Positive builds on those core principals to create a new, digitally based education opportunity, utilizing the more positive tools that emerged over the past two years.

“ My goal of supporting students’ academic and mental well-being has certainly been solidified by the chaotic upheavals we’ve experienced in the realm of education,” said Dahl. “Self-awareness, self-responsibility, sound decision-making skills, positive relationship skills, and emotional resilience are so important. These things are the core support areas in the mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being of adolescents.


Welcome to the new digital YOUTH Positive. Experience a deep dive into social, emotional, and academic learning, positive education, and mindfulness.

YOUTH Positive exists to support teens to explore and live their unique genius. It’s a program that can be experienced by teachers, parents, and especially students (K-12). It’s a philosophy to assist our youth in developing and maintaining a positive way of life, encouraging them to take an active participatory role in their lives, especially in their education.

Each lesson encourages teenagers to live positively, cultivate mental and emotional wellness that improves mental health, and take a participatory role in their lives, especially in their education. Along with supporting educators, these essential areas of focus remain the constant basis of YOUTH Positive.

YOUTH Positive is available for online instruction where students, families, and classroom teachers can learn. While the videos are a great plan for some students, the lessons are also available in print form, either as individual pdfs on Teachable or the YOUTH Positive workbook or high school journal/handbook.

There is 16 weeks’ worth of content in video format. The easily downloadable supporting pdf materials include notetakers, personal reflections pages, and the personal experiment. The Teacher’s Guide has tips and strategies for every lesson that help your students engage productively with the content.

There are different options for educators and schools including student access, and 6-month or 12-month access, or there’s an option for 12 months with teacher access only. YOUTH Positive is available for multiple classrooms, an entire grade level, or an entire school. Price lists for all options are available on the website, including special pricing for August to celebrate the jump to digital.

Compared to the previous book version of YOUTH Positive, the new video curriculum contains 7 chapters covering 3 lessons each for You, Outlook, Understanding, Together, and Happier. There are also guided breathing practices, downloadable pdfs for the students, lessons to support mindful self-management, and monthly after-school teacher support live webinars.

Developing a strong sense of self and acquiring a useful set of tools, skills, and abilities is imperative to creating a future where the next generations can thrive and flourish. A self-reliant, self-confidant teen is a happier person, and the better it is for our world and the next generations to come.

More information is available at If you know anyone with teenagers or a teacher, please share this information with them.




Sylvia Nash



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