Captain's Log -- They're all Gonna Leave

  • 2022-08-05, 12:16 AM
  • Rachel Dahl

It struck me just the other day… how many of my friends are carting their kids off to college this week. What a fun time in life – launching them. We work our whole lives to get them ready and then we set them free.

It’s funny to watch though. Especially having come through that part of life and to be on the back side of the nest eviction. Some of my friends are a hot mess preparing for their road trips, packing the horse trailer and making plans to stay a few days and helping with grocery shopping and setting up apartments. They are having a hard time letting go and they’re contemplating their very existence. The conversations don’t go well – you can taste their sadness.

Other friends are doing the same thing, but super excited. This is more in line of where I was each time it happened to me; help the little punkin’ pack their rig and wave from the driveway as they pull out on their own adventure. Hoping the whole time you squished some common sense and laundry skills in their little skulls but knowing they’re pretty capable and they would eventually figure it out if those lessons didn’t stick.

Today is my birthday and I got the best gift a mother can get – phone calls from all three of mine from their scattered points across the country. Last year was a little rough in our family and for the first time those little dahlings didn’t call as my clock rolled to 52. It was a hard year.

We have always been super close and having angst and tough feelings felt like the end of the world. But oh, having gone through that brief growth spurt made this year, back to normal, full of love, all that much sweeter. As trite as it sounds, you really don’t realize how much you miss them until they’re soled up, pouting and have cast you out, even temporarily.

So today was amazing. They called in birth order and talked for a long time, each one. I was working on layout, trying to get the paper printing early so I can run off to Tahoe tomorrow with my sisters, but that ship has sailed. It’ll be another late night.  

But here I am. Happy momma bird. Plugging away to get you this paper and hoping you know I may be in Tahoe tomorrow, but tonight I’m right here…


…Keeping you Posted.





Rachel Dahl



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