Horoscope Hideout

  • 2022-07-15, 08:25 AM
  • Mandie Koeckes
Horoscope Hideout
July 15 to July 21


Aries: Think twice, speak once, as sore feelings are a huge possibility this week, whether they are yours or those around you. Use your energy wisely after the weekend.


Taurus: You have an abundance of energy at your disposal the next few days, and more opportunities afoot if you keep an open mind, no matter how out of the norm it sounds.


Gemini: Your ability to connect and communicate with dang near anyone comes to your rescue this week. Mercury in Cancer lends a more tender tone to help.


Cancer: There’s nothing wrong with scrapping a project and going back to the start. Sometimes a few steps back is all we need to then get a start in the right direction and some clarity.


Leo: Conflict feels like it’s lurking behind every comment or inquisition right now. Find a balance between enjoying the heat of an argument and letting it go.


Virgo: Refusing to gently open up about your troubles means they will only aggressively crack open at the worst time possible. If you’re feeling restless, say it.


Libra: Your mind is especially hungry and craving new information and experiences. Satiate it with literature, out of your comfort zone conversations and exposure to completely different ideas of thoughts.


Scorpio: Transiting Jupiter is wreaking havoc on what seems like your entire life at the moment. Don’t make light of your emotions, and allow yourself to feel your feelings.


Sagittarius: Your ability to lend an ear to your loved ones this week is appreciated by those around you. Don’t be surprised if it’s your turn to play the therapist friend.


Capricorn: You know what you want and how to get it, now you just need to use your keen intellect to find a way around the obstacles. Be creative, and avoid the bait in workplace arguments.


Aquarius: Sometimes perceived setbacks are needed so we can reevaluate and refine the bigger picture. Impatience may be getting the best of you. Give everything a thorough thought this week.


Pisces: Do not allow your flightiness to interfere with well laid plans, or foundations for your future successes. Stick to the script, it’s already good just the way you wrote it.


Mandie Koeckes



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