Horoscope Hideout - June 24 through 30

  • 2022-06-26, 08:39 AM
  • Mandie Koeckes
Horoscope Hideout - June 24 through 30

We are a few days into Cancer season now, how are we feeling? All of them. We are feeling all of the feelings. Also, my friends, another planet is going retrograde, this time it’s Neptune on the 28th. In other celestial movements this week, it’s New Moon in Cancer also on the 28th. Rest, sustenance, “chicken soup for the soul” type vibes are going to be good for us all.

Aries: You’re never one to be made a chump and take it lightly. It’s why you try to be one step ahead of those whom you don’t trust. Your intuition is pretty sharp, use it to see the forest through the trees, and change course if needed.

Taurus: More focus may be aimed at your family, or your inner circle affairs during this period. Your mental stamina may feel strong enough to tackle the tougher decisions you’ve been putting off, thanks to Saturn’s placement and retrograde.

Gemini: Mars is still doing a number on you, Gemini. Ever heard the saying, “pick your battles?” It’s fine if you want to play the martyr, just don’t expect everyone else to be following the same script.

Cancer: Let the motivational energy of the current planetary placements mobilize and catapult you forward this week. Set your goals, pick a direction, and make some solid decisions for yourself, not the people you care about. Care about you, too!

Leo: Mercury’s got your brain in a fog this week, leaving you open to deception, or falling for misguided intentions. Be mindful of the rules you set for yourself, it’ll help keep you out of trouble, as Saturn is still retrograde.

Virgo: The plethora of projects you have going on simultaneously has you feeling like your spinning plates; adding on now may create more chaos than productivity. Pluto’s transit will continue to lend energy to support your more permanent endeavors.

Libra: You’re confident and cool, at least on the outside for now. Use it to really zero in on your true and meaningful goals, as this ambition is loaded. Ready, aim, fire. Remember though, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Scorpio: Triggers and drama are found everywhere for now, and it may feel like you’re living on the edge. Opposition to your realities will feel extra harsh, so tread lightly, you can always disengage and go home, or wherever feels like it.

Sagittarius: Sometimes, you need to be mindful of your ability to overshare. You can’t be mad if everybody is talking about your business if you’re the one putting it out there. Don’t be your own worst enemy this week.

Capricorn: The mundane is leading to melancholy, eh? Cut loose, my friend. Enjoy a little bit of free time from the hustle of the everyday and do something out of the ordinary for best results.

Aquarius: The current thought feed in your mind seems to centralize around decisions you want to make and make them right. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and knee-jerk decision-making won’t lead to success.

Pisces: You have the ability to stir up emotional energy in whatever feeling you choose. Perhaps this week, you focus on things that bring you pure, unadulterated (ahem, childlike?) joy. Do it excessively and don't apologize. 


Mandie Koeckes is a lover of misunderstood plants and people. She enjoys keeping her feet in the earth and her head in the stars.




Mandie Koeckes



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