Captain’s Log – Hold Your Mouth Right

  • 2022-04-15, 05:08 PM
  • Rachel Dahl
Captain’s Log – Hold Your Mouth Right

We were so excited last Thursday – week four of getting the paper printed and to the Post Office by 3:20 p.m. to make the bulk mail deadline.

While the girls were doing labels, I ran over to the Post Office to grab the white totes we use to haul the paper back in there for our friendly local Post Office folks to sort and deliver to you. They’re always a hoot in there – teasing us about if we’re going to make the Thursday deadline which gets you all the paper on Friday or if we’re going to drag through it and have to drop off Friday morning. Which means you get it Saturday, or even worse, Monday.

We’ve all been a little celebratory about making the Thursday at 3:30 deadline and they’ve been super encouraging and fun. But then someone had to go and say it out loud – “Will you be back today???”

Of course, that’s the plan but when they put you on the spot…I could just feel the dread in my gut as soon as it was out there.

Which brings us to the joys of modern technology and ancient superstitions. If you don’t stand just right and sing to her and talk in a really nice tone of voice, sacrificing your first-born, Becky (our most lovely digital printing machine for those of you new to this process) simply will quit us in a huff. Often a bang or a squeak. She is a temperamental wench and last week was no exception.

All was trucking along smoothly when out of the blue someone turned their back on her and oh, yes, the toner filter went out. For Reals. We had to track down OPI James, poor guy, who continually comes to the rescue this time working his magic on the toner filter and then of course it’s 4:30 and there’s no need to rush off to the Post Office by then.

This week hasn’t gone much better, we’re dragging a bit already so I’m sorry we’re back to Saturday mail. But we’ll get it down one of these days and until then, we’ll all be right here…


…Keeping you Posted.



Rachel Dahl



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