Captain. It’s come to this…

  • 2022-04-22, 05:06 PM
  • Rachel Dahl
Captain. It’s come to this…

Well. I feel like I got run over by a train. It’s noon and I just finished layout. You read that right – me. Doing layout. Head shaking is all I’ve got.

Leanna is still writing from afar and through a comedy of errors, or maybe a tragedy, I find myself putting out the paper basically alone. Thank goodness for our trusty volunteers or this ship would have gone down long ago.

There’s a phenomenon that we all experience sometime in life – this feeling of being alone. It probably has a name. Wait, as Grampa Joe says, “ask your phone.” I can’t find it.

It has nothing to do with being lonely, it’s more about that moment you realize that you can’t or shouldn’t ask for help. Independence isn’t right either for what I mean. Self-sufficient. By choice or by circumstance, it’s come to this end of a road or a fork in the road where it’s just you.

You making the decisions, the mistakes, you doing the work, you saving yourself.

I’ve been out here with the bunnies way too long.

It’s silly really, I’m surrounded with people. People who encourage me. People who help me and support me. At the drop of a hat I can call for help and just did in fact send an SOS to the sister text and got mom and Aunt Bekah proofing the paper while I finish this up.

Right now I’m so grateful to still be doing this – getting the paper out. Keeping the community informed. We’re growing every week, both print and online subscriptions and we sell more papers on the news stand every week, too.

I discovered this guy on YouTube this week, Glenn Greenwald. He’s a journalist and he’s the one that Snowden got to tell his story. He is passionate and so smart and it’s like brain candy listening to him. The thing that struck me the most though is he totally gets how important it is what we’re doing here, and he put it in words better than I ever could. How important it is that a community is informed and that leaders know we are shining a light on them as they work for us.

So we’ll go another week. And while we wrap up this one I’ll be right here…

… Keeping you Posted.



Rachel Dahl



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