Letter to the Editor

  • 2022-04-24, 05:00 AM
  • Rachel Dahl
Letter to the Editor

We are senior citizens who have lived in our home, located in the county, for twenty-seven years with very few issues.  In June of 2020, we began to hear a loud thumping noise, that went on day and night.  It hammered in every room of our house, making sleep impossible.  We’ve talked to the people whom we feel are making the noise, as it didn’t start until they moved in. Their constant reply is “You can’t prove it.” It continues to this day. The fact that we can’t live in our home and have the receipts showing this, is our proof.  Also, we measure decibel levels in each room, and they are consistent and do not comply with what levels should register in a quiet room.  We are certain it is a bass-thumping in a bedroom.  A bass produces a low-frequency noise that cannot be recorded with a smartphone.  It takes specialized equipment, that we cannot afford. Also, whether a person can hear low frequencies or not, they are detrimental to one’s health.

As a result of this behavior, we are forced to run two households.  We have slept in our RV since Oct. 19, 2020 in an RV park. Currently, this has cost us close to $15,000.00.  We are wasting our retirement income because a grown man who lives at home with his parents gets sadistic pleasure tormenting old people. Obviously, either the parents have no control over him, or they condone his behavior. How they tolerate the thumping, is unexplainable, but they do.  Also, if anyone comes to our home, the bass is turned off. This tells us the “thumpers” know what they are doing is wrong and do not want to be caught.

My husband spent 22 years serving his country in the military and we are American Citizens, while the “thumpers” may or may not be?  Under the law, this is harassment.  Forcing us out of our home and robbing us of our retirement, in our opinion goes far beyond harassment.  Old people do not leave the comfort of their home and waste their income without a compelling reason. Where are our rights?

Any help from an expert to explain the nature of low frequencies and why they are detrimental, how they penetrate floors and walls and why they are difficult to source would be greatly appreciated. This would be helpful to law enforcement officers, legislators and getting noise regulations in the county.

[email protected]   Feedback from the community would be appreciated. Any threatening responses will be turned over to the authorities.

Mike and Rose Gallo


Rachel Dahl



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