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  • 2022-03-20, 12:23 PM
  • Rachel Dahl
Truckee-Carson Irrigation District - Ag World File Photo From the Carson River below Lahontan Dam
A new feature from the TCID Board and staff

To us, our “Ag World” is of such great value, we think of agriculture as the very heart and soul of the Lahontan Valley. All too often, however, we take it for granted. Taking into consideration all that is happening in the world today, we certainly should not.

If we set aside the importance of Ukraine’s global position, and its abundance of natural resources such as uranium, titanium, manganese, iron, mercury, shale gas, and coal reserves, it is the second-largest country by area in Europe and also a veritable agricultural prize. Agriculture is Ukraine’s largest export industry which holds great importance to all of eastern Europe.

Ukraine is, we may say, “a pearl of great price.” It ranks No. 1 in arable land area in Europe and is also home to 25% of the world’s reserves of black soil or chernozem – a fertile soil that can produce high agricultural yields and has high moisture storage capacity. These are just a few random thoughts as we observe from afar the importance of our industry and watch the possible impacts on the European economy as the Russian invasion continues to take a toll on that beautiful country.


TCID 101 – How it all Works, Water Ordering

As of this hour, the district has received 20 water orders. Ordering officially began on March 15, in the Carson Division of the Newlands Project. Orders are set to begin for the Truckee Division on April 15. To place an order, users must know their serial number(s), rate of flow needed, and time needed. Contact information should always be up to date with TCID for all users. Orders should be planned for and placed at least a week before needed.

To account for water delivery under federal law, it is so important to the entire district, that when someone is ordering water, each order be tied to the proper take-out(s). Moreover, in a percentage year, for example, this year is a 70% water year on the Carson Division and 90% on the Truckee Division, our users need to monitor their usage closely to account for the shortened season, so as not to deplete their water budget too soon.

Water users are encouraged to inquire at any time about water card balances. There is no need to wait for water cards to be issued. The office number is 775-423-2141.

The district also asks all residents in the Lahontan Valley to contact the district to notify them if there are ever any problems, such as overtopping, a ditch break, objects in channels obstructing flows, or letting us know when someone is destroying federal property. The destruction of Newlands Project features is a loss to all water rights holders in the Project. All water rights holders end up picking up the tab for any damaged project facilities.


Rachel Dahl



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