Letter to the Editor - Here in Nevada

  • 2022-02-05, 04:35 AM
  • Bill Post
Letter to the Editor - Here in Nevada

Yep, I’m a newcomer to Fallon, Churchill County and Nevada. After spending 51 of my 61 years in Oregon, where I thought I would never leave, I left.

Regardless of what folks who visit there might say, Oregon has turned deep blue politically. The stories you see on national news programs about Portland, the violence, the riots, the homeless population are all true. Yes, there are good parts of Oregon but for the most part, due to the overwhelming population shift into the Portland, Eugene, Medford and areas of the coast, the state, though “red” on a map, is very blue and because of that, it’s policies and politics become more difficult to bear every year.

How do I know this? I was a conservative radio show host for 10 years and a Republican State Legislator for 7 years. I, of course, recognize this is very similar to Nevada where two counties, Washoe and Clark, tend to dominate the entire state when it comes to elections. When I first started as a legislator in 2014, there was a congeniality between the two parties though the Democrats were in solid control of the House, Senate and Governor’s office. Yet we were able to work together and pass good legislation or to stop bad.

Then as the far-left invaded Oregon, specifically Portland and its suburbs, the legislature changed. Moderate Democrats were replaced by radical leftists. Moderate Republicans were dismissed as RINO’s or Republicans in Name Only. It finally led to one of my trips to the great state of Nevada. The House and Senate Republicans had to deny quorum and shut down the legislature completely in 2019 and 2020 because of the radical bills that were being introduced ad moved in the legislature.

Now what does all of this have to do with me and you now here in Nevada? Unlike Oregon, I see the chance for a more balanced government here. I see a state that is purple and poised to strengthen that. More balance in the legislature and perhaps a new governor to balance out the power in Carson City.

What I am most curious about is what Fallonites want most from their representatives in the legislature, county commission and elected city positions. I observed today that there are now two county commissioners that have apparently thrown their hats in the ring to replace Assemblywoman Robin Titus. Is that a good thing? Do you want a current politician to move to another position or are you more interested in fresh faces and new voices? Same for the county commissioners. Yes, I get the attraction to having someone familiar, I am very aware of that as an important reason to vote for many people. I only recently realized that our mayor has been in office since 1995. That’s amazing but it’s shocking. No matter how good one is in a position of elected office, there has to be a time for new voices and fresh ideas. If you agree or disagree with this opinion piece, I’d love to hear from you on it. Feel free to email me at: [email protected]


Bill Post


Bill Post



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dave_ash 2022-02-08, 09:38 AM
Hi Bill, welcome to Fallon.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith 2022-02-08, 08:28 AM
You are sorely missed as a voice of reason in Oregon. I moved to eastern Oregon to escape the insanity. I have found a paradise with hard working sane people a great community. Although the tax burden and government oversight is daunting and sometimes un bearable. I too will probably have to leave. The blue creep is coming. I am proud to know you!
I wish you the best from Princeton, Oregon.
Your friend,