Captain’s Log – Fallon is Fallon

  • 2021-10-10, 05:00 AM
  • Rachel Dahl
Captain’s Log – Fallon is Fallon Just for fun, here is a little visual of life here at The Fallon Post. Courtesy of M.T. Pockets, Artist and illustrator, extraordinaire

A friend taught me this phrase this week, “Fiji is Fiji” explaining some of the culture of his island and the ways of his people. It’s become a catchphrase to explain the funny things we do that are just the way we have come to function through life in our own little communities – things we do that are really, unexplainable any other way.

Also, this week I had several profound conversations while sitting at the drive-through coffee shop, waiting for my morning Mocha. If you haven’t been to the little drive-through next to Safeway, number one, you MUST. But number two, there are two windows, one on each side and while the girls are working away making our coffees, it is not uncommon to talk to the person in the car at the opposite window, who you invariable know, and basically solve the world’s problems to pass the time.

One morning the topic was who is going to run for County Commission, another morning it was contemplating why the police cars are lined up next to the Maverick station. There was a comment about donuts and then the ideas started flying about someone needs to open a donut shop. That naturally led to tongue-in-cheek comments about elected officials not letting Applebee’s come to town – because for some reason people actually do think city council could keep them out.

Fallon is Fallon – with a little head shake.

I think it’s important to go on record here. I’ve wanted to say this every time that conversation runs away on the 411 on FB. Having been on the City Council and served as an elected official, if a business wants to come to town, there’s a structure in place for them to get a business license, meet the requirements for a building and their specific “widget” and then BAM, they’re in business.

Some businesses, like Applebee’s, wouldn’t come here for all the tea in China yet, because we don’t meet their corporate requirements. Not because anyone is keeping them out. Companies have really specific requirements such as traffic count, and population, all sorts of demographics, availability of skilled labor, and the potential for growth, among about a hundred other things. 

And right now, Fallon is Fallon. While we wait for some of those things to happen, I’ll be right here…

…keeping you Posted Rach


Rachel Dahl



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