Letter to the Editor -- County Commisison, Brook Allen

  • 2021-08-23, 04:50 PM (update 2021-08-23, 05:02 PM)
  • Brook Allen
Letter to the Editor -- County Commisison, Brook Allen

To the Commissioners;

I would like to call attention to the attitude you have toward the people you represent shows a total disregard for the people you claim to represent. There is no leadership style in the world that would claim to think "not making a statement is a statement in itself" is any kind of leadership at all and I am sure this is not how you run your families, your businesses, your medical practices, etc. If there is nuance to this conversation that needs to be had, treat your community with respect and have the conversation with them.

Treating people like they can't handle all the facts of a situation is completely condescending and also how we have ended up with Covid being handled the way it has been in Washington DC. In that way, you are just acting like the governmental establishment you claim to oppose.

There was a time when all of you sat on the other side of the table from where you now find yourself and I would like you to take a second and recall what it felt like.

We are surrounded by counties that have chosen to take up this issue and whether Sisolak recognizes or cares about the declarations is of no value to those communities. The value is in bringing the community together and letting the local businesses know you support and acknowledge their struggle and stand behind them with support in those struggles.

I am aware that issuing a declaration would be largely symbolic and I think that's the point, show the community where you stand and that you stand with them, not against them. While other communities are setting up funds to help small businesses in the event they are fined, our county commission says "people can already do that at the risk of citation by OSHA" - showing the businesses they really do stand alone in this.

Do those counties have a new event center being built with their Covid money? Probably not but they do have the soul of their town intact and they stand united against the authoritarian crackdown that is being unwillingly laid upon them with the participation of their local leaders. Everyone I have spoken to cares more about the freedom of this nation and the after-effects of this mess that will be felt by their children more than they do some unnecessary, extravagant convention center built by making a deal with and continuing to pretend to cooperate with the current dictator in charge of our beloved state.

As it stands now, you are participating in the vast divide that is being created in this country by the lie that mask mandates have had any success in stopping the spread of this virus. At this point, absent of any evidence they do any good, going along with a mask mandate is just a giant virtue signal to the left that you are either scared of them or believe their propaganda. This community is asking you to change direction, stand in the way of authoritarianism, and lead this county like you committed to.

Thank you,

Brook Allen, EA


Brook Allen



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