Letter to the Editor -- Responds to Falk

  • 2021-07-16, 06:54 PM
  • Rachel Dahl
Letter to the Editor -- Responds to Falk

Kudos to Jim Falk's open letter to the Churchill County Board of Commissioners. Actually, it should be an open letter to all of humanity!

The love of money is the root of all evil, and to push a false "agenda" for money, that will cause harm, is reprehensible! People need to use their common sense, and do their own research, especially when it comes to their lives and health. Question everything. What I am going to state here are facts: Covid (China virus) is a man-manipulated corona (cold) virus (which has never been isolated or proven), and is no worse than the Flu. It was merely made more contagious. No more people died from the China Flu this past year, than did of the regular influenza A or B the year before. In fact, it has an over 99% recovery rate. Did you notice that the "Flu" disappeared? Why in the world are so many people willing to sacrifice their health and lives taking an injection (not a vaccine) for a flu that has an over 99% recovery rate? The injection is not approved or licensed by the FDA, only "authorized" for emergency use. The injections were not tested, even on animals! It is an experimental gene therapy -  and we, the people are the Guinea pigs. There are plenty of other proven treatments for colds and flu, such as Hydroxychloroquine (as Falk stated). It's pretty frightening when our Governor would take away our access to that treatment, then our State and County government would take pay-offs for every positive phony test for "covid"!

Turn off the mainstream "news" and do not be brainwashed or controlled by fear. Masks do not stop a virus and what started as a two-week "quarantine" has become a total control of our freedoms. Tuberculosis or Hepatitis are both communicable diseases and are a lot more concerning than the China Flu. Very few seemed too concerned about them even though many food-service workers may carry those diseases!

Please People, stand up for your rights! Do not be forced into something that will jeopardize your health, and do your homework, as your life depends on it!
My body, my choice!

Carrie Rechel, Fallon


Rachel Dahl



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