Letter to the Editor -- On the Vaccine

  • 2021-07-09, 06:49 PM
  • Rachel Dahl
Letter to the Editor -- On the Vaccine

Sent originally as an open letter to the County Commissioners...

I was more than a little disappointed that you quickly and whole-heartedly jumped aboard the statewide program that bribes Nevadans to get the China flu vaccinations that have raised so many doubts. Rather than approving and promoting the incentive (I call it a bribe) to get the shot you might have just reported the news and said people could make up their own minds about it.

You make it sound like a mandate. The words "with liberty and justice for all" ring hollow when you consider that so many people feel they have lost their freedom to choose what they will allow to be put in their bodies. The threats of vaccine passports being required for so many things that we used to accept as free and open are becoming more and more real; such as the right to work. You've no doubt heard of the

153 people who were fired or resigned at a large hospital in Texas because they rebelled at accepting the jab.

And you probably have heard that the CDC admits some 1,200 people who took the vaccine experienced heart problems, some of them fatal. If the CDC admits to a number, you can be pretty sure the truth would double it. And then there are the cases of blood clots forming in vaccinated people. Stay tuned. I'm sure there will be reports of new and probably more terrifying side effects. Anybody remember thalidomide babies? I hope you commissioners are praying that no one in the county suffers side effects from the shots.

I think it was Rahm Emanuel who said "never let a crisis go to waste", and that is pretty much what we are seeing now. Mr. Fauci and his non-governmental organization friends backed by the left-leaning lame-stream media have pretty much taken this to heart. And then there's big pharma. They aren't going to miss a chance to make a profit. The Frontline Doctors (look 'em up) early on promoted the use of Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as an early treatment of the China flu. They were used by some brave doctors and saved many lives. They could have saved many more but so many powerful forces were in on the game and the drugs (available over the counter in many countries) were forbidden.

My wife and I are in what has been considered the most vulnerable age group but we have escaped the virus so far, even though we violate the face diaper and social distancing rules whenever possible. And we will avoid any mandates or bribes promoting the vaccination because we have CS (that's common sense) and we don't like knuckling under to powerful interests that dislike America's values.


Jim Falk, Churchill County




Rachel Dahl



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