Captain’s Log – Life Preservers

  • 2021-05-21, 05:00 AM
  • Rachel Dahl

We got a taker!!! In our “Egg on our Face” column last week, Leanna said we would take a proofreader willing to work for peanuts. And along came Sylvia.

In the cutest note ever, with references to peanuts and our in-office playlist, she provided her credentials and willingness to volunteer, and work from home.

What a great sport and a great help she’s been. Gotta find some Planter’s somewhere.

We also got a real live male staff member. Vic can still be our token, but now we have Joe who has joined us, graciously as our advertising manager. The “ad guy” may be calling on you, so welcome him, please, with open arms and let him sell you an ad so we can help you get your word out to the community.

Which then led, naturally, to our staff photo session today – headshots with Howieloo. Super fun break in the middle of press day. I mean, whose idea was that?!?!? Everyone is still looking all pretty and made up in their cute little outfits (and white shirt and tie) and we are cramming to get this paper sent to Becky to print.

And then… the bathroom sink breaks. Not joking, the pipe came loose and there’s water all in the cabinet drowning the cleaning supplies, and Ginny’s been under there a while. She’s in her finery and hollering some unintelligible play-by-play from inside the bathroom vanity in fairly spicy, fluent Chicago mobster cursing. And now she is informing us there will be a trip to Louie’s in the morning and there certainly will be no using the sink tonight.

The joys.

Speaking of which – you know you work in a publishing shop with a non-functioning sink when you discover the bone knife used to crease paper lying on the bathroom counter covered in evidence of the Lattin Farms lemon cake. Ladies. Really. I thought we had given up on sugar and carbs.

So here we go – finishing up layout, then some thorough proofreading, print, sleep, slap on labels, fix the bathroom sink, and as always, we’ll be…

…keeping you posted,


Rachel Dahl



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