Entertainment Reviews -- The Wingman Recommends

  • 2021-05-03, 01:54 PM
  • Denise Edgmon
Entertainment Reviews -- The Wingman Recommends

Pulled Pork Pancake Heaven – Country Club Café

I am hesitant to even talk about this hidden gem, in case the word truly gets out. It’s a local’s spot, for sure. I won’t even take a date there, for fear it goes badly and I might see them there again. The staff is so friendly, the patio so inviting, the view so amazing – and the food never disappoints. But let’s get down to what I am really there for. Besides getting to heckle the golfers on the first hole…and when I am really lucky – driving a golf cart,  I am there for the Pulled Pork Pancakes with the Frey Ranch Bourbon Brown Sugar Sauce.

These aren’t your grandma‘s pigs in a blanket, these things will make you rethink your sanity. One bite and you will lose your mind. From the crunchy little bits on the edges of the pulled pork to the fluffiness of the pancake to the singular sauce, Cori Norwalk-Egger has outdone herself. These babies are pure comfort food – even if the serving is far too much for one person. Definitely bring a healthy appetite.

If you’re in the mood for a few cocktails, they have endless mimosas on the weekends. I usually choose a spicey red beer, but the bartender can also help you out with nonalcoholic creations. The Country Club Café is a choice often overlooked, but it should be on everybody’s list, especially on the weekends when it’s warm and beautiful outside.


Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom – “They Just Want My Voice”

Ma Rainey is the mother of the blues. The movie, a Netflix original, and takes place over a single recording session circa 1927 – a sweltering summer Chicago day.

Ma Rainey, played by Viola Davis, is a big, dark African American woman who wants to be valued. She says in the movie, “they don’t care about me, they just want my voice. They’re going to give me everything I’m due.”

Everyone is trying to use Ma Rainey, including her trumpet player, Levee, played by Chadwick Boseman, in the last performance before his untimely death. Levee is a black man, wanting to be something bigger and wanting to leave a mark in his life.

The recording session is turbulent and explores the issues of race, art, and reli­gion. You will also see first-hand the exploitation of black performers by white music producers during that era. In one scene, Ma Rainey says “Irwin ain’t ever had me to his house in six years except to perform for the white people, just to show me off like some pony.”

The movie is tumultuous the whole time, and the music is remarkable. It was iconic and moving. So good – you forget they are actors and find yourself completely engrossed in the story.


Don’t Explain by Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart

When I think of summer’s long days and sultry nights and of my friends gathered on my patio, I think of what music I can play that will make my wine taste sweeter, and my beers feel colder.

One of my go-to albums is by Grammy award-winning duo Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa. Hart’s vocals, like a good whiskey – are gravelly and smooth in the same sip. In Don’t Explain, with its solid blues-rock sound, Bonamassa’s guitar shadows Hart’s voice in an effortless dance of soulful rhythm. You may have heard some of these songs before, but not in this way. I suggest you check out this duo on your favorite streaming service, who have paired several times and made some fantastic albums. Some of my favorite on Don’t explain include I’d rather go blind, I’ll take care of you, and Well well. I am sure you will find more than a few of your own.


Denise (AKA the Wingman) is a Nevada girl, born and raised. This newly appointed entertainment specialist was party to the birth of The Fallon Post (#aPlanHatchedByThePool). By day she is a nail karaoke-ist, by night she stealthily checks out local favorites - from music to brews, to Nevada's gorgeous sunsets. When the Wingman is not doing any of these, she is an avid fan of good music, movies, and books and will be sharing her recommendations with her hometown.



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