Student Work from Logos Christian Academy

  • 2021-03-13, 06:00 AM
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Student Work from Logos Christian Academy

Logos Christian Academy students participated in “Science Matters” by completing science projects using the scientific method for their science fair. Students in PreK-2 grade completed class projects, while students in 3-8 grade presented individual science experiments. A family night was held on Friday evening. February 27, where all projects were on display. Winners in 3-8 grade include:

3 Grade: 1st - Payton Sowersby: Does a plant grow better with milk or water? 2nd - Austin Mills: How does omitting an ingredient affect the taste of a cookie? 3rd - Gary Over: Will sugar help roses grow?

4 Grade: 1st - Zoey Lougheed: Do sugar crystals grow faster in tap water, distilled water, or Dr. Pepper? 2nd - Nate Nuckolls: Does boiling eggs in different liquid affect the flavor of the egg? 3rd - Jace Slentz: Which brand of diapers hold the most water?

5 Grade: 1st - Ben Hallquist: Which egg drop method is the most survivable? 2nd - Issac Frederick: With the explosion of flat earth theories on the internet, is the earth flat or round? 3rd - Allee MacKay: How do you make a magnet with a battery?

6 Grade 1st - Taylor Sowersby: Which coin works best as an electrical conductor- a penny or silver dollar? 2nd - Ava Bunyard: Which burger will mold the fastest between McDonalds, Burger King, or Jack in the Box 3rd - Abigail Gilman: What temperature and fat base will make the best cookies?

7 Grade 1st - Talon Johnson: Will mass overcome aero- dynamics in a derby car? 2nd - Austin Thibodaux: What are the effect of different liquid on the rate of which candy dissolves? 3rd - Will a carnation, rose or daisy absorb color the best if dye is added to water?

8 Grade 1st - Mason Storm: Which mask is most effective in blocking pollutants?


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