High Desert Grange Thanks Frontline Heros

  • 2021-03-06, 06:00 AM
  • Susan Gilliand-Peterson
High Desert Grange Thanks Frontline Heros High Desert Grange pin presenters Richard Gomez and Snow Morrison and some of the front line healthcare heroes who were honored that day . Back row: Richard Gomez (third from the left), Snow Morrison (fourth from the left). Remaining individuals in the picture are staff from the following department

“Thank you.”  We often use these two little but powerful words that mean so much.  They convey gratitude for helping us attain a goal, obtain something we desire, recognize someone’s support, acknowledge someone’s words of encouragement.  And so much more.

Front line workers in our community have answered our call to help us understand and fight the insidious Coronavirus that has infiltrated every aspect of our lives.  Many of us have escaped its grasp, but for those of us who have been caught in its tentacles, our nurses and other healthcare workers have  been our soldiers and saviors on the front line, our Front Line Heroes.

Wishing to express their deep appreciation for the hard work and long hours the nurses and other healthcare workers at Banner Churchill Community Hospital have endured to keep us safe and healthy, the High Desert Grange held a Front Line Healthcare Heroes Pinning on Friday, February 19, at the hospital.  The High Desert Grange is a family-oriented organization that focuses on community service and recognizes people and organizations that share the same pursuit.  

Snow Morrison, High Desert Grange member and a nurse, contacted LeGay Naseath, MSN, RN, and the Chief Nursing Officer at Banner, to express the Grange’s desire to honor their nursing other healthcare workers staff with individual pins recognizing their contributions to the health and safety of our community.  Ms. LeGay was on board.

At 1:00, seventeen-year old Grange member Richard Gomez, with the help of fellow Grangers Ms. Morrison, Elena Gomez and Gloria Montero, presented Front Line Healthcare Hero pins to healthcare workers in multiple patient care departments.  Ms. Naseath shared some insight into the environment and motivations of these Banner nurses:  “Those that received a pin were touched by the kind words and recognition.  Our front line staff have put in many long hours with our hospital being at 150% capacity for much of November and December due to the influx of COVID patients.  Our healthcare workers work hard and long because they truly care about the people in our community.  The High Desert Grange’s act of kindness was uplifting to our team and made our healthcare workers feel cared for in return.”

The pinning left a positive and personal impact on Ms. Morrison.  “I really enjoyed meeting some of the front line workers who are caring for the members of this community.  It was nice to have a way to show them appreciation,” she said.  Richard Gomez was grateful for the opportunity to represent the Grange for such a special event.  “I was glad to have the chance to show them how much we appreciate them,” he declared.
The High Desert Grange is grateful to all of our front line healthcare heroes for the many sacrifices they make for the wellbeing of our community and for the outstanding care they give to us.


Susan Gilliand-Peterson



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