Matriarch of Churchill County -- Jean Workman

  • 2021-02-21, 06:00 AM (update 2021-02-22, 09:51 AM)
  • Jo Petteruti

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Comments (2)

Don DeBerry
Don DeBerry 2021-02-22, 06:37 PM
Wow. What an amazing story. Truly a piece of history. I never had the pleasure of meeting Jean, but I remember Rex well from wrestling practice. He was a tough, but fair mentor. One that kind of commanded your respect. I learned a lot from him. Happy Birthday Jean!
Janee England
Janee England 2021-02-21, 11:43 PM
She’s an awesome woman! Really doesn’t seem to ever change. We were just recently looking at the beautiful wedding cake she made for us in 1979. She was so
gracious in making our cake. Love the picture I have of her with our beautiful cake. She is just a gracious, lovely, woman of God. Bless you, Jean. Thank you for being such a great role model! 😘