Breslow to Lead Economic Development

  • 2020-09-06, 05:00 AM
  • Source: City of Fallon
Breslow to Lead Economic Development Courtesy of This is Reno
The City of Fallon and Churchill County Select Bruce Breslow to Lead the Churchill Fallon Economic Development Effort

The City of Fallon and Churchill County are pleased to announce the selection of Bruce Breslow as an Independent Contractor to lead the efforts of the newly formed Churchill Fallon Economic Development (“CFED”). CFED is a partnership between the City and County to actively recruit businesses whose activities are compatible with the Churchill Fallon region and to seek out businesses to locate or re-locate to the region.

“We are excited to have Bruce lead this important effort on behalf of CFED,” said Mayor Ken Tedford. “We look forward to working with Bruce and continuing to work with Churchill County and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, as we seek out new businesses and new jobs for our community.”

“Bruce brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and a true desire to work hard to bring new jobs to our community,” said County Commission Chairman Pete Olsen. “The County’s partnership with the City and with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development will be well-served with Bruce leading the charge.”

Mr. Breslow is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in both the public and private realms. He is the former Mayor of the City of Sparks, the former Director of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry, and a former Commissioner on the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada. He is also the CEO and Founder of Nevada Strategies, LLC, a full-service government consulting firm with experience and expertise in economic development, housing and affordable housing, transportation, planning and zoning, revenue bond programs, New Market Tax Credits and Opportunity Zones.





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Source: City of Fallon



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Barbara  Mathews
Barbara Mathews 2020-09-09, 08:06 AM
Wasn't Bruce Breslow a reporter or anchor on one of the Reno TV stations? Is he going to live here in Churchill?
N 2020-09-11, 12:21 AM
You're thinking of Brent Boynton.
Stanley B
Stanley B 2020-09-13, 12:23 PM
Bruce Breslow was on local news in Reno, too. That’s the only thing I remember him from, not the card shop or being a mayor. It might have been in the 1980’s when he was on local television news.
Bjc 2020-09-09, 05:20 AM
He also used to own a sports card shop in Sparks. He would take advantage of children selling cards and basically rip them off.
Shawn H
Shawn H 2020-09-09, 04:28 AM
I moved to Fallon because it was a small town I really hope it doesn't start turning into California. Reading the other guys commit about kicking other businesses out really sounds like a person from California wanting our town like California. I know we need more places to eat I get that lets not lose who we are we are Nevada first.
Stanley B
Stanley B 2020-09-09, 07:00 PM
Not from California, grew up right here in Northern Nevada where I have lived for over 50 years. We need more here so we don’t have to drive in to crime-ridden Reno all of the time for shopping and medical. Sorry, but some of the businesses here and many of the residences are an eyesore. Don’t want California, but also don’t want rundown meth-land.
Pat Lee
Pat Lee 2020-09-08, 06:26 AM
Is Mr. Breslow a local person from Fallon?
Kori M
Kori M 2020-09-09, 07:40 PM
No - and he used to be the Mayor of Sparks. Just want we want - to turn into another Sparks, NV. Also curious what he plans to do about our housing issues since he "he CEO and Founder of Nevada Strategies, LLC, a full-service government consulting firm with experience and expertise in economic development, housing and affordable housing, transportation, planning and zoning, revenue bond programs, New Market Tax Credits and Opportunity Zones." I think Fallon as we know it is done for folks.
Stanley B
Stanley B 2020-09-06, 05:52 PM
I hope they do something to improve the look of the Hwy 50 corridor in city limits- too many used car dealers and too many liquor stores. (Camacho, Fallon Ford Toyota, and Churchill Auto Sales can stay, but the rest are junky. They need to get rid of that creepy head shop/ Santa Muerte liquor store near Panaderia Azteca because it is a magnet for weirdos very visible from the main drag.). I really hope they can attract more shopping and dining options to Fallon. It would be nice if they could eliminate some traffic on 50 by removing those concrete barricades that prevent you from driving to other businesses on the same side of the road, unless you go back into the ever-increasing traffic on 50. My final wish is for improvements to the parks- better landscaping, amenities, and maintenance. If you want to improve the area, you have to have something to offer to attract people- it’s not a one-sided proposition.