Commentary -- Now is the time

  • 2020-03-29, 09:26 AM (update 2020-04-08, 05:15 AM)
  • Jim Falk
Commentary -- Now is the time

by Jim Falk -- Hindsight is 20/20, the adage goes.  But if that is so, why do we keep ignoring another axiom, history repeats itself? The Founding Fathers saw wisdom in studying history to learn what had and what had not worked in  past forms of government.  And the most important fact they found was that the best chance America had of surviving as a country of “united” states was to form a government of, for and by the people.  In short, a representative republic. That has worked for us these past 244 years despite the selfish efforts of some people to leave the path that has led us to strength and prosperity and take the one that has never worked, wherever it was  tried – socialism. I say selfish because it is clear that the modern day radical Democrats who push us toward socialism want something that they think will put them at the top, provide them all the benefits, give them all the power, not realizing that in reality it would eventually leave them atop a dung heap.  Look at Cuba and Venezuela to see what I mean. If you can handle another aphorism let me mention “figures don’t lie, but liars figure”.  This explains a lot about how liberals, socialists, progressives, democrats, whatever you care to call them like to twist the facts, take quotes out of context, manufacture untruths to suit their dictum. Adam Schiff employed this strategy in the recent phony impeachment hearings.  It’s an old trick…tell a lie big enough and long enough and people will begin to believe it.  Only this time it didn’t work and President Trump was exonerated. Let me deploy one more adage, the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.  The greatest threat to our liberty today, in this all-important election cycle, is the low-information voter.  It baffles me today that Democrats will follow their party’s line over the cliff, like a herd of lemmings. It surely is a generational thing…Grandad always voted Democrat and if I don’t vote Democrat he will turn over in his grave.  Need I point to the line of candidates the Democrat Party has been parading before us and the ridiculous promises they offer -- feel-good issues, new green deals – things that would soon impoverish us, corrupt our morals, advance class envy, shred our Constitution, turn us into a third-world nation. It is incumbent on all of us to seek the truth, to follow the path that has been leading us to prosperity and freedom.  Remember the old typing exercise:  “Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their party”?  One way to do this, to help “turn Nevada RED”, is to attend meetings of the Churchill County Republican Central Committee and the newly formed Churchill Republican Women. The Central Committee meets at noon, the 2nd Wednesday of each month upstairs at The Depot casino and the Republican Women meet the 4th Monday at 5:30 p.m. in Room 102 of the county administration building.  For more information on the Central Committee call 775-750-3739.  For CRW call 775-455-5997. Views expressed by writers in the commentary section are their own and do not necessarily reflect the point of view of The Fallon Post.       We need your support now more than ever -- as our small business community is hit, so is our advertising support -- if you are able to support local, independent news, now is the time to click here to contribute to The Fallon Post, so we can continue to bring you up-to-the-minute information. We are your non-profit (501c3) online news source for all things Fallon and appreciate all your support. Never miss the local news -- read more on The Fallon Post home page.                                  

Jim Falk



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