Numa 5th Graders write short stories

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Numa 5th Graders write short stories
These stories were submitted by Trudy Mills and were written by her 5th grade class at Numa Elementary school. The Train Ride -- By Kari Bailey The night was cold all around me. I quickly looked around me trying to find a shelter. I made a fire,as I shivered I fell asleep. The next morning I tried to find my way home. I wandered through the woods there were many different types of trees oak,birch, dark oak, and more I didn't even know. Then I heard the leaves crunch on the ground. All of a sudden I caught a glimpse of something like a peach color. Then I knew what it was I ran so fast some of my sand colored bandages fell off that’s the life of  a mummy. I shouted, “Human, human, human!” I was so scared I hid behind what looked lie a birch tree. Then I heard the softest voice I had ever heard. It sounded like a human girl if girl is the right name for the human that can grow long hair. I wasn't a hundred percent sure but I think she was safe. “It is okay if you’re lost, I might be able to help you,” she said in a calm voice. I came out thinking I did needed help so I said,” Are you sure your safe?” ” Yes,” she said. I trusted her she was fearless to want to help a mummy. She said, ” There is a train going to the desert tomorrow. You can follow me to the edge of the woods and I’ll come get you in the morning with a costume to disguise you. Then we can take the train.“ So I followed her to the edge of the woods. She even brought me a red chunky lickwid with soft ropes to eat that night. She called it spaghetti. The next day was a big day, the morning was bright as I watched the sun rise. The girl brought me clothing. She said, ” Put this on then we will do your makeup. After that we will get on the train.” “ Okay ” was my only response. This was the big moment we got on the train. I was scared what if people knew I was a mummy if they did I would be screwed. It was scary getting on the train. I had to pay the weird green bill the girl gave me to get on the train. I was going to have to ask her what her name was. When I was on the train it was going fine. We got to sit on a nice comfy seat. I thought to myself, what if I don’t see her again I need to ask her for her name so I said, “What is your name? “ "Penelopey." That was the last thing I heard from her as I got off the train going home. THE END Their friendship was still there even if they never saw each other again.   Lost in the woods -- by Brylee Parsley As I'm walking home with one of my friends one day we pass by a mansion. My friend Kathy and I thought it was kinda strange because we walk this way home every day and we’ve never seen it but we keep on walking. Kathy wanted to go in so we go. As we are walking I didn't think anything of it until we heard a glass shattering scream! It sounded like Kathy’s little sister’s scream. We both looked at eachother and bolted to the mansion. "I'll try for the door and you try to get the window open,'' Kathy shouted.  As I was peeking through the window my curiosity turned to horror. “Kathy hurry come here,” I said looking through the window. It was her little sister trapped in the room of the mansion. With her eyebrows wrinkled she stared at me. “But I thought Lilly was at home?” Kathy said with a scared voice. “We have to go help her,” I said looking at Katy. We both jolted to the door. As we started to walk in we heard another terrifying scream. We both scramble to open multiple doors covering the walls of the mansion. Kathy's eyes filled with tears as she tried the other door. “Kathy this one is open,” I screamed from across the hall. We both ran in but were confused. There was nothing in the room no one nor anything. As we were walking out with our heads hanging low and confused more than anything. I look up at Kathy. She was just standing there glaring at whatever was in front of her. I slowly look up thinking there was something there. “Kathy we have to get out of here,” I said with a shout “A monster”. “But what about Lilly?” Kathy screamed as we were running away. I grabbed her arm and we jolted towards the end of the driveway. But I wasn’t fast enough. The monster took one more step and grasped my foot. I dropped with a smack on the cold hard concrete. Kathy didn't realize that I fell. “Kathy,” I tried to say but my voice was so sound less. As I was getting up I looked behind me  the monster was gone it must of got scared by the scream. By the time I got up Kathy had vanished. I decided to go run home hoping Kathy was there. While I was walking in to the house I saw my mom,Kathy,Kathy's mom and Lilly. “You’re home!” everyone screamed as I walked in the door. Later Kathy and her family left and Mom and I huddled up on the couch and watched tv. Now I know not to go places I’m not allowed.   The Zombie Apocalypse: Cut Short -- By James Heines In my castle, I was working on the greatest invention: an alkali nuke. It would demolish EVERYTHING in a 15-mile radius. Suddenly, I heard a blood curdling moan. When I looked out the window, my curiosity turned to horror. “Oh no,” I said to myself. “THERE’S A HORDE OF ZOMBIES AT THE DOOR!!!!” I screamed to my family members. Loud shrieks told me everyone had heard my call, and were in a panicked frantic, like trapped mice. I went downstairs to watch the news. While watching the news, I learned why a horde of zombies was at the door. An experiment gone wrong, like in the movies. “What a coincidence,” said my family in unison. We knew what to do: save the world! Sure, we might be an evil family, but we care about the world. So, we grabbed what we needed. I knew this day would come, so I made zombies grenades. They would cure the zombies. We were ready! “Groan,” groaned a stupid zombie. I chucked a grenade. “SLAP! BAM! WHOOSH!” The zombies were overwhelmed by grenades! My brother tried to throw a grenade, but it was intercepted by our cousins. They both started to scream at each other. “CUT IT OUT!” I yelled at them, before they were eaten. My brother muttered something I didn’t quite catch, so I gave him an icy glare. He looked at me like a puppy. “Urghhhhhh… huh?” went the humans brought from the undead! The frantic of throwing grenades, screaming at each other, and confused people lasted for what seemed like hours. Soon all of the zombies were gone… for the time!     Support local, independent news – contribute to The Fallon Post, your non-profit (501c3) online news source for all things Fallon. Never miss the local news -- read more on The Fallon Post home page.

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