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Joan Sands, massage therapist and licensed hypnotist



Health and wellness has been a passion of mine since discovering I was pregnant with my first child in 1998. In fact, it became my obsession for years to a great extreme. I intend to share my opinions, experiences, interests,  and the things I have learned over time in this column.

These days I have a full time massage practice in Fallon and also Fernley with a focus on injury recovery. I treat a wide variety of injuries, from whiplash to thoracic outlet syndrome and much more. I’m also a professional hypnotist, stage, clinical, group, and past life regression. 

Touch is an important part of life, and I love my job.

Joan V. Sands, LMT, is a Clinical Hypnotist and owns Transcendence Health And Wellness located at 83 S. Maine Street in Fallon. She can be contacted at 775-217-9740 or and her websites are , 


Joan’s Wellness Corner — Types of Massage

By Editor | May 19, 2019 | 0 Comments

There are many types of massage and bodywork. All have a purpose and can be effective for different desired outcomes. Most people are familiar with Swedish massage and deep tissue for relaxation. When you choose a massage therapist you may get an entirely different experience with each one you encounter. While basic training may have…

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