Here we will recognize acts of kindness, service, good will.  Mostly we do these things because that's who we are and none of us really do it to get recognition.  It is nice, however, when someone gives their time, their talents, their excitement to make something wonderful happen.  And even the little things are wonderful.  So if you have been blessed by someone and would like to recognize them, send an email to Publisher@TheFallonPost.org telling a little story about what happened.  You may not even know who did the good deed, but would like to let the world know there are kind people out there -- send it over.  We'll publish is here and link it to our social media and use the hashtag #FallonFavors.  We hope this will grow into a community movement where we recognize the good in each other and who we are.

Laura Howard of Howieloo Photography

By The Publisher | December 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

Laura Howard of Howieloo Photography is an amazing woman who helped us get this community news project up and running by designing a beautiful logo and header for our website and digital presence in the world.  We cannot thank her enough for the time she spent giving her talents to our dream.  Thank you, thank you. …

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