Editorial — Fallonites are the Oasis of Nevada

By The Publisher | March 18, 2020 |

To all our Fallon Friends and Family – this is a very strange time and we’ve heard from many of you who are asking questions, offering words of encouragement, and sending support so we can keep providing this essential service to the community. We are so grateful that you see us as a place for…

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Editorial — Your Civic Duty of the Decade: the 2020 Census

By The Publisher | January 6, 2020 |

It’s 2020. An aesthetically pleasing year where “20/20 vision” jokes are rampant. It’s a year with a lot in store including the summer Olympics, a presidential election, and of course the 2020 Census. The census is an official population count of everyone living in the United States and its territories. It’s enshrined and mandated by…

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American carnage and other questions

By Editor | August 23, 2019 |

by Jeanette Strong —  I get a lot of emails from conservatives, which I appreciate. It helps keep me aware of what is going around. One email I recently received said that we are one election away from socialism and having all our guns taken away from us, or something like that. The tone was…

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Editorial – Teachers Emphasize Importance of Early Childhood Education

By Editor | May 17, 2019 |

  by Leanna Lehman — Two teachers at Northside Early Learning Center, NELC, are speaking out about the implications for children in the community as impending program cuts draw near. Emily Bingham and Jenelle Pope are seeking answers from the district leadership that attributes the current fiscal predicament to a “Perfect Storm.” NELC serves three…

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