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Joan’s Wellness Corner

Joan’s Wellness Corner — on massage treatment for PTSD

Massage is an effective complementary treatment for PTSD and trauma. Bodies can get stuck in fight, flight, or the frequently forgotten freeze. When working with a recovering trauma survivor it is important to listen to the client’s comfort level and respect boundaries to an extreme so as not to exacerbate their symptoms. Making the client…

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Joan’s Wellness Corner — Deep Tissue Massage

Clients come to me with all kinds of questions and concerns and want to know what to expect from massage. You can expect professionalism and a wide body of knowledge. Your massage therapist should make you feel completely comfortable. Some concerns I hear are — aversion to touch, timidity, body issues, and even fear of…

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Joan’s Wellness Corner — Types of Massage

There are many types of massage and bodywork. All have a purpose and can be effective for different desired outcomes. Most people are familiar with Swedish massage and deep tissue for relaxation. When you choose a massage therapist you may get an entirely different experience with each one you encounter. While basic training may have…

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