Book Reviews

by Carol “Do You Have A Library Card” Lloyd 

Book Review — The Girl Who Reads on the Metro

By The Publisher | March 27, 2020 |

The Girl Who Reads on the Metro by Christine Feret-Fleury — Juliette has a nice, if relatively uninspired, life in Paris. A nice apartment, a nice job, a string of kind of boring boyfriends. Her one joy comes in imagining stories about the people she sees on the metro based on the books they are…

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Book Review — Writers & Lovers

By The Publisher | March 23, 2020 |

Writers & Lovers by Lily King Casey Peabody is having a tough time. Her mother recently passed away, she’s in a dead end job, living in a converted potting shed in Boston where she’s writing the Great American Novel, and is the love interest of two men — one stable with children and the other…

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Book Review — A Long Petal of the Sea

By Editor | March 4, 2020 |

A Long Petal of the Sea: A Novel by Isabel Allende It is 1938 and Victor, a medical student, is fighting in the Spanish Civil War on the losing side. He is forced into exile and find passage with his new wife of convenience, Roser and her child to Chile-the long petal of the sea.…

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Book Review — Red at the Bone

By Editor | February 5, 2020 |

by Carol Lloyd —  Red at the Bone by Jacqueline Woodson This story, set in 2001, opens with 16 year-old Melody’s coming out party. Her mother never had a party like this and the mother-daughter relationship is strained for a variety of reasons. And so begins the tale of these 3 generations as they weave…

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Book Review — The Widow Washington

By The Publisher | December 13, 2019 |

The Widow Washington: The Life of Mary Washington by Martha Saxton The father of our country George had a mother named Mary. Since Andrew Jackson’s time she has been portrayed as uneducated, crude and a hindrance to her esteemed son. Martha Sexton, utilizing primary source material makes the case Mary was, in fact, none of…

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Book Review — The Accomplice: A Novel by Joseph Karon

By Editor | November 28, 2019 |

Max Weill has spent the 17 years since the fall of the Third Reich tracking down the whereabouts of Nazis who committed atrocities which resulted in his family’s deaths in the camps. Max is on his death bed as he recruits his nephew Aaron’s help in tracking down Otto Schramm, a doctor who had recruited…

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Book Review — On the plain of snakes

By The Publisher | November 8, 2019 |

On the Plain of Snakes: A Mexican Journey by Paul Theroux Theroux travels the length of the U.S. Mexico border crossing back and forth before heading south into the interior of the country to meet the people, taste the food, teach a class, and get a feel for what’s going on with our neighbors to…

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Book Review – Permanent Record by Edward Snowden

By The Publisher | November 4, 2019 |

Permanent Record by Edward Snowden In 2013, American whistleblower Snowden released to journalists classified documents detailing the U.S. mass-surveillance program capable of collecting every email, phone call, and internet search from every person on earth, including U.S. citizens, without their knowledge. At the time he was 29 years old, living in Hawaii and had worked…

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Book Review – Toil & Trouble

By The Publisher | October 8, 2019 |

Toil & Trouble by Augusten Burroughs From the time he was a child Burroughs always knew things that others didn’t. He told only his mother who explained that he descended from a long line of witches. In Toil & Trouble he recounts how this ability impacted his life. Burroughs second book, Running with Scissors: A…

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Book Review – The World That We Knew

By The Publisher | October 3, 2019 |

The World That We Knew: A Novel by Alice Hoffman It is Berlin 1941 and Hanni knows she must save her daughter from the Nazis. She goes to a rabbi but it is his daughter who creates a rare and unusual golem to protect the daughter and get her across the Swiss border to safety.…

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